Alfawise BT-200 Bluetooth Soundbar Review

We guess many customers will prefer buying a soundbar for their flat screen TVs because the speakers on the TVs are just rubbish, they are small, sometimes face down or even face backward. Honestly, it’s expected if we want thinner, lighter and larger TVs. There is a prediction that future TVs will not have speakers included and you will have no other option but to purchase some sort of speaker system. Of course, the market is full of various brands that are offering different soundbars. But many of them are overpriced and not everyone can afford to buy them. For all those cases when you need a cheap but good soundbar, we can always look towards Chinese manufacturers. Alfawise is surely one of them and the Alfawise BT-200 is assumed to be a good option. Let’s see whether everything written on the paper corresponds to reality.

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Alfawise BT-200 Box and Package Content

The appearance of the package is not catchy. It comes with two main colors of white and orange. On the front side, we can see the image of the soundbar itself, as well as the name of the model and the manufacturer logo. The box dimensions are 58.00 x 8.50 x 8.50 cm.

Alfawise BT-200

Some parameters are printed on the package:

  1. Bluetooth range – 10m
  2. Support for microSD memory cards
  3. Presence of AUX, FM, RCA

Alfawise BT-200

Since initially it is meant as a soundbar, a remote control is provided in the kit. It is very similar to remote controls of car players. There are also cables with 3.5mm jack – RCA x2 and USB – micro USB. The length of the first interface is 101 cm, while the second one is 53 cm.

Alfawise BT-200

Surprisingly, the 2025 format battery is already pre-installed in the remote control. The latter comes with dimensions of 84 x 38mm. The weight 14gr. The management is fast and if you are in the same room, there is no delay.

The user manual is in English. As a matter of principle, we don’t need it because everything is clear as the day.

Alfawise BT-200 Appearance

Honestly, as soon as we got the Alfawise BT-200 soundbar out of the box, it seemed cheap to us due to the use of glossy plastic and huge external screws. As for the soundbar itself, it comes with dimensions of 55.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 cm.

Alfawise BT-200

There are 4 speakers of 5w each.

In the center, there is a plastic part with an indicator. But we wonder why it is so large if only an indicator is placed. Say, it could come with a clock. The indicator, by the way, glows blue, and red, when charging.

Alfawise BT-200

The control keys are placed on the upper edge of the soundbar.

On the back, the Alfawise BT-200 soundbar carries the connector for charging, microSD card slot, AUX port, as well as 2 RCA interfaces.

Alfawise BT-200

There is no secondary radiator in the soundbar, but it comes with a full phase inverters on both sides. Although the built-in speakers cannot really boast a bass, the phase inverters help the soundbar in providing a good audio performance.

Alfawise BT-200

To keep the soundbar fixed on the surface, at its edges, it uses rubber feet.

Alfawise BT-200 Audio Performance

The speakers correspond to the information provided in the documents and have a power of 5W and a resistance of 4Om. The diameter is 45mm.

The Alfawise BT-200 work on the basis of the AC1751AP.

Alfawise BT-200

Inside the soundbar, if dissembled, we can find a 2000mAh battery. It’s enough to provide a music playback for up to 2.5 hours. At the same time, it should be charged in 3 hours. But we shouldn’t worry about the endurance and the charging time because we are dealing with a soundbar that is usually connected to power. Well, when we tested it and measured the charging time, the final results were a bit different – 4 hours and 1772mAh capacity.

As for the Bluetooth connectivity, it is stated the connection will be ok up to 8 to 10 meters. But at a distance of 5 meters, the connection started to fail. When playing music through Spotify via a smartphone, we could clearly hear stuttering. Moved to the soundbar, and it began providing an excellent performance. Also, there was a little delay when connected to the TV through Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the delay is noticeable. When using a 3.5mm audio jack to AUX, there is no delay.

Next, we tested the micro SD card slot. The Alfawise BT-200 was automatically turned off when we inserted the card and when we turned the soundbar on, it automatically switched to Music Play Mode and managed to play all the music we had stored as MP3 on the card. Almost the same happens when we connect up to the TV. Just put the 3.5mm audio connection into the soundbar and connect the RCA plugs to the TV. Once done, it will automatically switch the TV Mode. If not, then just click the mode button. You can control everything on the Alfawise BT-200 soundbar via the keys or with the remote control. You can also use this product to listen to FM Radio.


In terms of appearance, the Alfawise BT-200 looks quite attractive. It is well designed. And it’s pretty small for a soundbar. The soundbar is packed with 4 speakers and reflex ports to help produce bass.

As for the audio performance and to bass mainly, it sounds hollow as the soundbar produces more highs and mids than lows. But when it comes to general listening without any heavy bass sequences, the speaker performs well. But if you want more, then ask yourself whether a soundbar of this size could produce better bass. We guess no, but it could produce a better overall experience.

So the Alfawise BT-200 can be recommended to those who are tight on budget. If you really want a perfect soundbar, it’s better to look for anything pricey. Our protagonist comes with many connectivity options such as Bluetooth, RCA, and MicroSD Card. Plus, it comes with a battery, which simply means you can put it anywhere and use it as a Bluetooth speaker.


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