Alfawise Ai 202 Review | A pluggable air purifier for better comfort in life

By using Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier a user can clean the air of the house for which the user will get a better atmosphere which is needed for dealing a better lifestyle and also for getting fresh air. It comprehensively removes the odors, bacteria and other pleasant smell even the smell of the bathroom. As everybody knows that in bacteria, viruses and other germs are present in more amounts in the winter season compares to other seasons. And in that time people are affected in various diseases due to the air which is not pure. But this device will remove those viruses and give a nice clean air. It has some features like sterilization, deodorization which give various functions for a user and it has a sensor which gives better comfort. Moreover, it is not difficult to use the device as its construction is not too much complicated so every user can easily use for their various purposes.

Alfawise Ai 202 Review

Triple Sterilization

Triple sterilization is the feature which ensures a better atmosphere which is filled up with fresh air creates a nice environment convenient for both the kids and the elder person. Like when we buy a new thing such as new dresses, new furniture’s or even a book, those have a unique smell. And the small from this product is not always too much pleasant even some furniture’s use some chemicals whose smell is something unpleasant. Alfawise Ai 202 will pure this smells when the user needs and prepare a clean air for the user.

Silent Built-in Fan

Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier has a built-in silent fan which has too many functions and can be largely used for the bathroom, bedroom or for the kitchen. In times of cooking usually, the smells are not quite comfortable at all. In that time we can use the silent fan which promotes its air circulation system and thus suck the dirty or smell and then release a fresh air. In the bathroom, it can be used for removing the odors or the bacteria which are pretty harmful. So, in a word, it can be said that it ensures a fresh and clean in the whole house and will give a wonderful atmosphere for the user.

 Very compact in size

The size of the product is so small that even a user can carry it through his or her pocket or the bag. A person may travel a place from the house so in that time it can be easily carried through the pocket.  Besides, in times of journey by a mode of public transport, this can be very beneficial especially who seems to be ill in times of journey because it will remove the unpleasant odors which are very common in public transport and also the smell from other person’s bodies. Moreover, as it is carried ably so a user can carry in every place as the user wants this reduces both the cost and problem to buy another purifier.

PIR motion sensor

Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier has a PIR motion sensor which is very effective in the night time. In times of dark in the night, it automatically turns on its light which is also soft light can be very choice able and convenient for a user. Even sometimes a user may need some light to do a particular at that time this can solve that problem. Besides, it has three brightness levels so a user can use it with the choice which is preferred by the user. Moreover, it has also an option which is automatically turned off so a user needs not to physically attend to off this.

Long lifespan

Usually, most of the electronic devices need to be changed or even change any of the types of equipment of the product. Thus it consumes an extra which is quite unexpected for the user. But Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier is a durable product and thus a user can use it for a long time even a user does not need to change any of its filters.

Medical Grade UV-C lampAlfawise Ai 202 Pluggable Air Purifier

Medical Grade UV-C lamp’s use in an air purifier is very beneficial. By taking titanium oxide as its photocatalyst it deodorizes the air, kills the bacteria, unpleasant odors and also removes formaldehyde which is very dangerous to health. Moreover, this is a proved feature of this device because in many laboratories it is tested and the report is shown that 99.9% of the microbes are killed which is very wanted for a user to live comfortably in the use.

Filter range

Its filter can be very useful as it has a larger number of functions. Its filter can remove dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust mites and various things which always create an unhealthy atmosphere. So, by using its filter Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier removes these kinds of things and creates a clean atmosphere.

Product weightAlfawise Ai 202 Pluggable Air Purifier

The weight of a product is always a necessary requirement. As this is a product which is small in size and also very easily carryable so its weight also needs to be quite lightweight. If its weight is heavy, then it will be very difficult for the user to carry.  The weight of Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier’s wright is less than half kg more specific it is only 0.3 kg which can be easily carried by a user.

24 hour always on mode

Its construction is so strong that it can continuously work for a whole day. It has a sensor which is known as PIR sensor which ensures self-adaptive and automatically on and off instructions.


The price of a product is always necessary for a buyer. As this is a very essential product for our daily usages, so every people have a desire to buy an air purifier to fresh the air of the house. The cost of Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier is not too much even it is almost in the comfortable range for every type of customers. Besides, a user will also get a sterilizer and an English language manual in free of cost in times of buying Alfawise Ai 202 product.

What we don’t like

As nothing can be totally perfect in its features and functions, it has also some problems. One of its problems is its size it’s too small. Though due to this it is easily carryable, it can be lost here and there and sometimes can be difficult to find out due to its size. But this problem is not a major problem at all. Its most concern problem is its price which is through affordable still it is comparatively higher than any other air purifier from other brands.


Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier is a device which has an extensive amount of features which is very functional for leading a better life. By using Alfawise Ai 202 air purifier a user can clean the air of the house for which the user will get a better atmosphere which is needed for dealing a better lifestyle and also for getting fresh air. Moreover, its size which is short and also its weight is very light for which a user can carry it in everywhere even by using the pocket or the bag.


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