(11.11 Sale) Alfawise A80: 2800 Lumens Smart Projector For Just $79.99

The Alfawise A80 is a compact LED projector that supports video playback in Full HD and an original resolution of 1280 x 720. The latest projector features a brightness of 2,800 lumens, with stereo audio, and the Android operating system.

Buy Alfawise A80 Smart Projector Just at $79.99


The dimensions of the device can be rather intimidating, especially its thickness of 7cm, but beyond that, it is a lightweight terminal for as it looks. It comes in black with silver details and a matte finish with a polished texture. Alfawise A80 is a mature technology, it’s a great opportunity for you to master the independent pricing right.


It is more than a Video Game partner caters to PS2/PS3/XBOX, but also a portable smart theater!A80UP version is built-in Android 6.0 OS using MStar V56+Amlogic S905X chip, which supports 4K decoding with its perfect performance. Based on the Basic version A80, 12 more LED lights are added, brightness is increased by 15%, enjoy your life into the Screen in your large living room. New UI is designed based On both the MStar and Android Amlogic modules.

Everyone can use it easily regardless of offline or online movies.A80 series, a new entry-level HD projector is arriving, the new LCD Panel 4″ 1280 x 720Pixels, increases the image brightness by 15 % while retaining the portable size. This new digital companion is more suitable for the placement of your living room as new things. The growth of new profit depends on which area your sales platform is located in.

Where To Shop

Alfawise A80 Smart Projector is now available on Gearbest For Just at $79.99 on 11.11 Sale. Click the following button for order now:

Buy Alfawise A80 Smart Projector Just at $79.99


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