Alfawise A7 Bluetooth Earphones at $17.99 Only

We always say Xiaomi is a role model for many tech companies. Its philosophy, strategy, and business model are ideal for relatively small manufacturers. But we also always say that the best copycat is Alfawise. This company has been known for its TV boxes mainly. But now, there are too many products in its assortment. What’s more interesting, it launches new products immediately after Xiaomi. Maybe it’s accidental. But looks like this company just follows what its idol does. This doesn’t mean Alfawise products come with low quality. Vice versa, it’s a great chance for customers to get their hands on quality products at a lower price tag. Say, recently, Xiaomi announced the AirDots wireless earbuds. Immediately after that, our protagonist launched the Alfawise A7 Bluetooth earphones. It is currently offered at $17.99.

Alfawise A7

Actually, there are a few features you should pay attention to when buying a new wireless headphone. First, it’s the design. The Alfawise A7 Bluetooth earphones come with an ergonomic design, which provides a perfect fit and comfort for all types of ear cavities. They are made of silicone. So when wearing in the ear, you will have a feeling as nothing is there. Each of the buds weighs only 5 grams. Plus, there is a LED indicator on the earbud to show the status and a microphone. It’s senseless to talk about the sound quality because it filters surrounding noise and reduces background noise intelligently to provide much more clear music and mic sound.

Alfawise A7

The next important feature of any wireless headphone and of the Alfawise A7 as well as the connectivity. This headphone supports Bluetooth 4.2. Of course, this is not Bluetooth 5.0 like the Xiaomi AirDots, but it’s still good. It is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You can even connect to two devices simultaneously.

Alfawise A7

At last, the Alfawise A7 sports a 50mAh battery, which is capable of providing 4 hours of talk time. And the charging lasts 2 hours.


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