Alfawise A1 Earphones Review – A True Wireless Earphones Experience?

The evolution of headphones and earphones over the year has been incredible. From the bulky wired ones to the tangle-free wireless earphones, each one has its own importance. This is the 21st century and we have moved from the wired to what we call ‘a true wireless experience’. What the Japenese started with Onkyo W800BT earphones is now available for a much comfortable design and better price. Before you move to those Apple AirPods, here’s something the Chinese land has to offer. Something way elegant and cheaper than AirPods. Meet the latest Alfawise A1 earphones from the Chinese giant ‘Alfawise’.

Are you tired of those tangled wires? Let us provide the cheapest and better alternative to Apple AirPords and even QCY  true wireless series, which is the Alfawise A1 Earphones. So, let’s get to know the earphones in this Alfawaise A1 Earphones review:

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Alfawise A1 Earphones Review – Compact, Wireless, Dual Modes For $25.99

Design & Appearance

Alfawise A1 Earphones appears to be similar to the other Chinese true wireless earphones. Unlike, the Apple AirPods the design is way compact, removing that extra housing and reducing the tune trope. So, in short, we have a light, comfortable oval layout.

A True Bluetooth Wireless Earphones can be used for both Mono and Stereo experience. The transmission rate of the true wireless earphones is much higher and requires more power than the ‘traditional wireless earphones’. Thus, we get better sound quality and true wireless earphones a huge success.

A1 earphones molds from plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap at all, despite having a stupendously low price tag. Providing a metal built might have improved the feeling but it would have increased the weight as well as the price tag. Alfawise A1 is good like the way it is, light (5 grams each earbud) and comfortable. The selling point here is the anti-perspiration material used in Alfawise A1. This makes it a perfect companion for sports activities apart from swimming as it’s not IP68 certified.

Alfawise A1 earphones Review - Design

Sadly, unlike QCY wireless earphones, Alfawise A1 Earphones doesn’t have a touch interface but a button with the ‘a’ logo on it. The touch interface sounds cool, but not that much practical while wearing the earphones. Instead, the sole button is used to control every function of the earphones.

Alfawise A1 Earphones Review – How to Operate?

  1. Long press: To turn each earpiece on
  2. Long press (3 seconds or more): To turn on the Bluetooth pairing
  3. 1-Click: To start / end call
  4. Long press: To turn earphones off

As simple as that!

The downside is that there’s no volume bar on the earphones. We have to control it from the smartphones. I guess, the manufacturer just went too simple providing only one button for everything.

Ergonomics & Long-Term Use

There are no extra earbuds provided with the earphones. It’s okay for the people who use a ‘M’ sized and ‘L’ sized earbuds, but you might have to buy the ‘S’ and ‘XL’ ones separately. That’s one of the cons. However, despite having only one earbud, both earpieces fit perfectly in my ear and they never get loose or drops while running or jumping. I guess that because of the charging box design (no extra space), they didn’t provide extra earbuds, or maybe because it’s the first attempt by Alfawise.

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Since the earphones are very light (5 grams), you can use it for long-term and they won’t hurt your ear. Honestly, the maximum limit for continuous use is 2.5 hours (3-4 h on average use), so that isn’t that much long-term use but still 2.5 hours are enough for attending calls, listening to music, or watching a movie. Besides, we have the charging box, which can charge the earphones 6 times a day.

In short, nothing beats earphones which are lightweight, small, and extremely easy to use and Alfawise A1 earphones are no exception.

Sound Quality & Bass

The cheap price, the portability, and the connectivity comes at the cost of mediocre sound quality. Though the bass is somewhat medium, the sound quality is just okay. It’s good at low and medium, but on high peaks, the sound isn’t clear and is piercing. Though the bass slightly increases at higher volume, however, the clarity decreases. I recommend it to use at a medium volume level where the vocals and the low frequency sounds amazing. Besides, there’s nothing that my equalizer can’t do. With some equalization, the distortion and the clarity improved greatly at high volume.

Alfawise A1 Earphone s review - Mono Mode Alfawise A1 Earphone s review - Stereo Mode

There isn’t any sound leak at medium volume, however, the slight sound leak is heard on max volume. Regardless of the mediocre sound quality at high volume, the small size, the true wireless configuration, and the price cover all that.

Features & Connectivity

There’s nothing special about the earphones apart from the two modes it offers, which is the Mono and Stereo mode. As Alfawise is a True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, you can either connect a single earpiece or both at the same time for a Mono or Stereo sound effect.

Alfawise A1 Earphone s review - Connectivity

Each earpiece is connected via Bluetooth and the earphones support Bluetooth 4.1 for 2x better transmission than Bluetooth v4.0 and 8x better than v2.0

Accessories & Packaging

Like previously said, there are no extra earbuds with the Alfawise A1 earphones. The manufacturer has only provided:

  • USB cable
  • Charging Box
  • User Manual

Alfawise A1 earphones Review - Packaging

And that’s all we have. It’s doesn’t have to be a disadvantage as almost every Chinese true wireless earphones manufacturer doesn’t provide many accessories like they do with the wired or traditional wireless ones. Only QCY is an exception.

Charging & Battery Life

The true wireless Bluetooth earphones come with the most exclusive accessory which is the charging box. Just put the earpieces in the box, hard press them, and the charging begins. Unlike most wireless earphones, this one charges within 1 hours for 3-4 hours of average use, while the other’s have the same charging and battery timing. The battery capacity isn’t mentioned by the manufacturer, looking at the weight, size, and battery life, we expect it to be around 100mAh to 200mAh.\

Alfawise A1 Earphone s review - Battery Life

Not only the box protects the earphones from dust and water but it charges the earphones 6 times a day via the wireless/magnetic charging, similar to the smart wearables.

Specification Sheet

Dimensions8.00 x 6.00 x 3.00 cm
Weight50 grams (total)
MaterialPlastic, Silicon
BluetoothBluetooth v4.1
AudioMono, Stereo
Frequency20Hz - 20000Hz
Mounting Typein-channel
MicrophoneYes, built-in
OS compatibilityAndroid, iOS
Battery Life3-4 h
Charging 1 hour till full charge
Contents2 x Earbuds, 1 x Charging Box, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x English Manual

Pros & Cons


  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Simple one-touch control
  • Mono and Stereo Modes
  • Affordable Price
  • Wireless / Magnetic Charging


  • No dedicated volume bar
  • No extra earbuds
  • Mediocre sound at high peaks

Our Verdict

It’s Alfawise first try in the field of true wireless earphones, yet the Alfawise A1 earphones aren’t a disappoint. Even though it isn’t suitable for high volume music listening, but it’s great for listening to audiobooks, soft music (medium volume), and movies. Moreover, the anti-perspiration material makes it a perfect sportswear as well.

In short, nothing beats earphones which are lightweight, small, and extremely easy to use.

Price & Availability

You can buy Alfawise A1 Earphones for a price tag of $25.99 (Presale till August 19) on Gearbest. It’s available in only black color. Here’s the link to the store:



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