AiWEAR C1 Review: Good For Basics

Standing beside the pool or blue water, dressed up for the swimming event, are you thinking whether to or not to wear your smart watch while swimming? You will never have to re-think to wear or not to wear AiWEAR C1. Wear it!

Water-friendly smart watch AiWEAR C1 comes with no less features than any other smart watches in the market – qualitative time display, smart gestures, voice control, heart-beat and sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, real-time pedometer, remote camera control, various dials, among other features.

image aiwear c1

Quick Look – Features You Want First

  • Water Proof Professional Grade IP67 – Swimming Friendly
  • Smart Gestures – Page turning, call answer and hang up and wake-up screen
  • Health Companion – Heart-beat, sleep and sedentary monitor/ reminder.
  • Voice Command – Siri
  • Bluetooth – Call log, answer, dial and phonebook
  • Remote Control – Camera and Music
  • 6 Lock Screens
  • Find Your phone
  • Screen – 1.22 inch 240 x 240 TFT touch
  • Compatible with Android 4.3/ iOS 7.0 and above
  • Battery – 300mAh polymer
  • Style – Round dial and band
  • Colours – Cyan, Silver and Rose Gold
  • Other Features
image aiwear unbox
AiWEAR C1 Unbox

Design and Color

AiWEAR has alloy, classic round dial and TPU band. It is currently available in three color options you can choose from – Cyan, Silver and Rose Gold. It is quite comfortable on the wrist with the TPU band.

image aiwear side view
AiWEAR C1 Side View
image aiwear on wrist
AIWEAR C1 on Wrist

Screen and Display

AiWEAR C1 screen is not much big but 1.22 inch with a resolution of 240 x 240, TFT touch screen. You might have to consider the low view angle capability which is lesser in comparison to IPS displays. Power consumption for TFT is normally higher than IPS while other variables are kept almost equal. Having said that IPS screen comes with a price higher than TFT counterpart.

image- aiwear dial child with spectacle
AiWEAR C1 Dial

Technicalities apart, one of the dial display options that is not to be missed is what can be called the quality time display. Bored of seeing only the time quantitatively? This option shows other parameters beside time – temperature, pressure, and real time health parameters etc.

aiwear dial with details
AiWEAR C1 Quality Display

Water Proof

You need not re-think beside the pool or blue water; you can very well wear it. AiWear C1 is quite water friendly. You can right away swim and shower wearing it with its professional grade water-proofing which a way better than gadgets with just rain and hand-wash water proofing. Swimmers! You have a smart watch that can give you company everywhere.

Smart Gestures

Smart gesture control features like – page turning, call answer & hang up and wake-up screen, are there with AiWEAR C1 smart watch.

Everywhere Smart Health Companion

With heart-beat, sleep monitor and sedentary reminder, AiWEAR smart watch earns a descent place as a smart health companion. Real time Pedometer is also in the companion list. With its professional grade water-proof, AiWEAR can give you real time parameters even while you swim, and while bathing (If you need that too). Does not that make it an everywhere smart health companion?

Other Smart Features

Like most of the smart watches available in the market, AiWEAR also has smart features like – Siri voice command, Bluetooth call log sync, dial and phonebook, remote control of camera & music and find your phone, to mention. Other features like voice recorder, back light, calculator, alarm and stopwatch are also available with it.

image- aiwear dialing display
AiWEAR C1 Dialing

OS Compatibility

This smart watch is compatible with Android 4.3, iOS 7.0 and newer versions. SMS capability is compatible only with Android devices and not with iOS system.

image aiwear choice
AiWEAR C1 OS Support


AiWEAR C1 smart watch comes with 300mAh polymer battery having a charging time of about 3 hours and long stand-by time of upto 120 hours.

Additional Specifications

  • Dual Mode Bluetooth 3.0/4.0
  • Memory – 64MB of RAM and 128MB of ROM
  • Chip Type – MTK2502
  • Dial Size – 4.5 x 4.5 x 1 (in cm)
  • Band Size – 24 x 2 (in cm)
  • Weight of Smart Watch – 44 g
  • Multilingual- English, Russian, French, Italian, Polish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish.
  • Lock Screens – 6
  • Alarms – 5
  • Alert – Ring and Vibration


Price differs between websites and chosen colors.

Where Can I Buy AiWEAR C1 Smart Watch?

The product is currently available online at gearbest for $70, aliexpress for $50, You may have to decide on the price and delivery options among these websites before buying.


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