Airwheel SR6 Smart Robotics Suitcase Offered for $590(Coupon): Follows You Automatically and Lets You Charge Your Phone And More

To keep its competitive edge, Airwheel shows a keen insight into market demands and rolls out new products within regular intervals. This time, it released an intelligent self-driving suitcase—SR6 featuring auto-follow, obstacle avoidance, app and replaceable battery with USB port and so on which is now available on Gearbest for just $590 using coupon code: A440833902

In order to keep abreast of the time, Airwheel rolled out its first intelligent auto-following suitcase recently, causing a sensation. Airwheel SR5 is a combination of fashion and function, aiming to make your travel easier and more comfortable. It is taken as the beacon of future technology and excellent international platform to demonstrate development trend. SR5 is not only a fashion, but also an innovative travel mate with more practical functions.

SR6 chooses the ABS and PC materials to make its shell lighter and sturdier. Such suitcase is a new ffavorite as it shares both the advantages of PC’s excellent heat and impact resistance and ABS’s anti-wear and scratch. To ensure the smoothness of SR6 intelligent self-driving suitcase, it installs Omni-wheels and they produce no noise pollution. Also, the wheels are wear-resisting making it adaptable to different roads. For the internal structure, SR5 has separated zipper pocket, maintenance pocket and energy storage pocket. It has TSA dual-wheel mechanical lock, applicable to many countries, and can prevent damage to the suitcase in case of customs checks.

The design of automatically avoiding obstacles will protect them from hurt. With the visual tracking and sensor technology mounted on Airwheel SR6 ensures the robot follow users’ orders even under remote control. What’s more, it is equipped with the intelligent chip, which enables SR6 hands-free suitcase to travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects. What is more, the bags hide a lithium battery and USB port makes charging devices easy.

The SR6 connects to the Airwheel App for iPhone or Android, and the app and SR6 robotic suitcase work together to provide anti-theft alerts. Its app functions include position track and anti-lost alarm. When SR5 is separated from the user beyond safe distance, it will release alarm, so does the mobile phone. An easier and smarter travel mate is waiting for you and you really cannot miss!

Where To Buy The Airwheel SR6 Smart Robotics Follow Travel suitcase

The Airwheel SR6 Smart Robotics Follow Travel suitcase is currently available on Gearbest for $755.14 but using the coupon code: A440833902, it can be purchased for just $590.



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