Airwatch G3, the Chinese smartwatch that is giving competition to big brands.


The airwatch G3 is a Chinese smartwatch that might be a little unconventional, but the truth is, that is a really good quality device since it has a great quality of materials and assembly and it also provides the user with many features that are independent to the smartphone, which means, we’re talking about a smartwatch that doesn’t need a mobile terminal to work.



Something that makes this smartwatch special is that the quality of the materials is incredibly good as well as aesthetic, the strap is made from genuine leather and the housing is made of stainless steel. Although the screen doesn’t count with a renown protection such as Gorilla Glass, according to the manufacturer it has a hardened crystal that should protect it from any scratch or bump. Taking into consideration the price of this device and the quality of the materials we could say we have a real bargain.


Processor and Screen

The airwatch G3 has a SoC MediaTek MTK2502 with only one core that works at 800 MHz. As for the screen, we have a 1,3 inches  screen with a resolution  of 240 x 240 pixels. That’s good enough taking into consideration that, despite the hardware is very basic, it has an operative system optimized specially for this hardware.


Memory and Connectivity

This smartwatch counts with 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of internal storage, expandable to up to 32 GB with the use of a Micro SD card.

As for connectivity, we have Bluetooth 4.0 with a range to up to 30 mts, it also supports the installation of an SIM card to give the device GSM connectivity (NOT 4G or 3G) so that we can make and receive calls from the watch itself since it has an incorporated speaker and microphone.



It has multiple functions that go from Bluetooth to even a heart rate sensor. It has a sound recorder, a thermometer, a pedometer, the possibility to make and receive calls, even Siri.




A high-quality smartwatch for a little price, what else can we ask for, it has great specifications, great apps, the fact that it doesn’t need a smartphone to work properly is another plus. Despite the fact that it has a 240 x 240 the image it’s pretty clear. It has an amazing choice of materials, the basic apps most smartwatches have such as a pedometer, heart rate sensor, thermometer, etc. For its sale price, it’s pretty much like they’re giving it away for free, it has a great quality for a very little price, and we highly recommend it.



  • Very clear screen, with good brightness and vivid colors
  • Solid assembling and great material quality
  • Tons of very useful apps
  • The possibility to install a Micro SD and a Micro SIM
  • Heart rate sensor, thermometer, and pedometer
  • An autonomy that can last for 2-3 days of normal use
  • Linkable with any Smartphone via Bluetooth


  • It might be a little heavy
  • Definitely not waterproof

Where to Buy?

Buy Aiwatch G3 from for 54.99 US Dollars


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