AirPods PRO Clone Review ($50): Super COPY 1:1

Can the Air PRO 3 be the Best AirPods PRO Clone EVER?

The Air Pro 3, aka Airpods Pro super copy, is finally here. So today, we’re going to give you a complete review. We all know that Apple Airpods Pro is a great pair of wireless earphones that make your life very convenient, but it’s a given that Apple products are overpriced. Let’s be honest, when you’re prone to losing these earbuds quickly, nobody wants to pay around $250 for that. Luckily, several Airpod clones tend to provide the same experience that you get with the Airpods Pro. However, with so many clones out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect pair. So let’s take a shot at the Air PRO 3 Clone and find out whether it is the Best Airpods PRO clone?

Million Dollar Question: Is it worth buying a Fake AirPods PRO?

Let me put it straight, the original Apple AirPods PRO is undeniably one of the best TWS earbuds in the market. Which is currently priced around $500. So expecting a 100% perfect replica for a slashed down the price at $59 dollars is pretty unreasonable. But on the brighter side, yes you can expect a 100% perfect design replica. The attempt of making these clones is just to make the $500 tech available for anyone and everyone. Isn’t it all about the status quo? If you just want to make people think you’re wearing AirPods PRO but still don’t want to spend 500 bucks. Then take a look at this brilliant $59 AirPods PRO Replica!

Fake AirPods PRO Clone Review

Audio Quality


Air Pro 3 is also known as Airpods Pro super copy. The audio quality is a critical factor in deciding whether the Airpods Pro clone earphones are worth getting, which is another name for Air Pro 3. In terms of audio quality in the Airpods Pro clone earphones, it’s incredible. The highs seem to be enhanced, and they outshine the others. The vocals also stand out well. When it comes to the bass, it isn’t too great as it’s just part of the background making it barely noticeable. The presence of trebles is well noticeable compared to the bass.

In terms of the microphone quality in the Airpods Pro clone, it’s precise and clear, which ensures that calls are clear. Although there is Active Noise Cancellation, it’s not great at canceling noise. The great thing is that these Earbuds sound very loud providing you with a great experience. However, it lacks the transparency mode, which is present in Airpods Pro. Although it might be present in settings, it does not work.

Design of the FAKE AirPODS PRO: DOPE or NOPE?

airpods pro super copy

The design of the Airpods Pro is debatable with the same design as its predecessor. Although there are many controversies when it comes to the design, there are some of us who like the design or it just doesn’t bother us because of the amazing features. Are you someone who’s a fan of the design even though critics might say that it resembles the shape of a toothbrush? If so, you’re going to love the design of Air Pro 3. Since the love-hate design has become iconic, there are many clones with the same design, which includes the Airpods Pro clone.

Air Pro 3 has a completely white body with a silver outline on the stem. There is a silicon tip for a better fit, which comes with three different sized ear tips to ensure that it’s a better fit for everyone. After all, the fit of the earbud is a crucial factor. AirPods Pro has finally decided to adopt the pill-shaped design with its case, which has become popular. We have the same design in the Air Pro 3. The flip flop lid is something we’ve all loved about the Airpods, and thankfully, the Airpods Pro super copy earphones case has them as well. There are three LED lights present in the case of the Airpods Pro clone. Overall, the Earbuds and the case have an elegant look.


The fact that the Airpods Pro clone is lightweight makes them feel light when you wear them. With silicone tips, you get a comfortable fit ensuring that it does not fall out with strenuous activities such as while working out. The touch gestures allow you to control music playback effortlessly by just tapping without causing discomfort.

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Touch Gestures

They have similar features to the Airpod Pro. You have the in-ear detection feature which can recognize when your earphones are in your ear or taken out. It starts playing music in the former case and pauses the music in the latter case. Since the Earbuds automatically turn on and off once you take them out of the case and put them back in, it’s less of a hassle, making it convenient for you. With the use of touch controls, it’s easy to control your music playback without causing any discomfort.


fake airpods pro

When it comes to the connectivity, it is great in the Airpods Pro clone. Pop-up animation and connectivity are some of the main reasons why people opt for Airpods Pro over other products. After all, time is precious even if that means just saving a few seconds of your time, which is why the Airpods Pro super copy earphones have the same features. To initiate pairing, you have to pop open the lid and hold the button for a few seconds, but that’s not all, you’re presented with a screen which indicates the charge status of the Earbuds separately and the case as well. Hold on before you jump to a conclusion; this is the case only if it’s the first time. After the initial pairing, it’ll automatically connect once you pop open the lid. With Bluetooth 5.0, speed and coverage are incredible.

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Battery Life

Although the stem has become shorter now similar to the Airpods Pro making it look less awkward, this also means that you’ll have to compromise on the battery life. You only get a 35 mAh battery with a single EarBud. We all know that after prolonged use, battery life does shorten, even though 2.5-3 hours on each Earbud might seem decent for now. However, in the long run, it might not be the best option. The case, on the other hand, packs a 250 mAh battery. Unlike Apple products where IOS users alone are kept in mind, the Airpods Pro clone is an amazing pair of wireless earphones for Android Users and IOS users.

Should you buy the Air PRO 3 / AirPods PRO Clone?

We hope that the review on the Air Pro 3 helped you decide whether these earphones are for you. The audio quality makes the Airpods Pro super copy stand out, amongst other factors. The Airpods Pro super copy has similar features to the AirPods Pro with pop-up animation and in-ear detection sensor, which are incredible features. It has a great design as well with a comfortable fit. When it comes to battery life, it’s decent. However, when you take the price into account at just under $60, Air Pro 3 is a great pair of earphones to own.


  • Highs and trebles stand out
  • Good microphone quality
  • Great Design
  • In-Ear detection
  • Pop-up animation


  • Bass is barely noticeable
  • ANC doesn’t work well
  • Earbuds don’t have great battery life

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