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[Best] AIIBOT Smart V9S Robot Vacuum Cleaner is available for $308 only


Aiibot ( ShenZhen Xiaoai Zhihui Yunkeji Youxian Gongsi is located in Shen Zhen. It has a specialty in producing and designing intelligent home robots. Aiibot RoboVac is used by almost 600,000 happy families around the world every day.

The new launch by the company is Aiibot V9S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Infrared Sensors and Remote Control. The Robot is equipped with smart navigation, powerfull suction a long-life battery with auto-recharge function. It has also got the triple filtration function to make your house clean and tidy.


Smart Navigation

Aiibot V9S Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Strong Suction Infrared Sensors and remote Remote Control uses a dual gyroscope technology, which analyzes room at 360 degrees and provides an intelligent cleaning path. You can easily operate it through remote control or the button on the host. Further, Its four cleaning modes are free to choose according to the cleaning requirement.

Powerful Suction

It functions with a brushless DC motor, which delivers a strong suction power of up to 1800 pa. Furthermore, the suction power can automatically adjust the power during the cleaning process. The V9S vacuum is suitable for all types of hard floors and short-pile carpets. It easily sucks up all dust, animal hair and dirt from your house.

Long Life Battery and Auto Recharge

Aiibot V9S Robot Vacuum Cleaner has high-performance Li-ion battery cells which provide a long cleaning time up to 120 min per charge. With a single charge, it can clean up to an area of 200 to 300 square meters. The Auto charging function, the vacuum returns to the charging pod automatically when the battery is about to get empty.

Triple filtration

The Aiibot V9S Vacuum comes with a 350ml bin which can easily store more dirt and it is easy to attach and clean after use. In addition, the combination of two multi-surface side brushes and high-performance HEPA filter helps in hygienic cleaning.


Aiibot V9S Robot Vacuum runs with the intelligent navigation detection and infrared sensor system to avoid any obstacle and prevent falling. As well as, It is super smart and hands-free to clean your house.

Why and where to buy?

The Aiibot V9S Robot Vacuum cleaner is a beast for home cleaning. It has got a 100 %, 5-star rating on Gearbest comparitively to other smart cleaning vacuum cleaners. To buy this machine on sale price click on the link below:-




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