AGM X3 Review (From the Leaks) – Everything You Need To Know

AGM is the best Chinese manufacturers in the rugged smartphones category. AGM X2 is still a hit after its release last year. And this year, the world is anticipating the arrival of its successor which is AGM X3. Now you might have noticed that AGM always have some surprises in every smartphone release. For example, AGM X2 had the VOC sensor as well as a variant featuring Beidou module and an 8000mAh battery. So what surprises will the AGM X3 incorporate under that immune chassis? Let’s find out in this AGM X3 Review (From the Leaks).

Here’s everything you need to know upcoming flagship killer which will force you to ditch your high-end smartphones such as iPhone X, OnePlus 6, or Mi 7 and grab an AGM X3 smartphone:

AGM X3 Review – A Tri-Proof Flagship & A Perfect iPhone X Rival

Design & Appearance

You might be thinking that why are we comparing a rugged smartphone with the iPhone X and other classical flagships. AGM X3 will be waterproof (IP 68 certified), dustproof, shockproof, scratch resistant, and can survive extremely high and low temperature. AGM advertise its phones as tri-proof terminal. Meanwhile, apart from being waterproof, iPhone X is fragile since it’s all glass and a small drop might force you to spend hundreds of bucks on repairs.

AGM X3 Glass body
The rear is totally glass, meanwhile, rubber/plastic can be seen on the edges

You may love the glass rear for a rugged smartphone, but remember, the more fragile it will be. Gorilla Glass Protection 5 can cover that frail back. However, it won’t be as good as metal + rubber combination.

Rugged phones aren’t elegant but robust. But the upcoming AGM X3 is exceptional. It’s what we might call a rubber and glass hybrid design. The leaked image of X3’s back exhibits its elegant design. Unlike the whole body covered with rubber, metal, and some screws (like a rugged phone should be), the third generation breaks the trend with a glass (metal underneath) rear and rubber protection on the edges and boundaries. The rear will be coated with Gorilla Glass Protection 5 to make the glass housing durable. The glass rear will also enable wireless charging which will be another surprise from AGM. But not anymore 😉AGM X3 Review - Featured

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From the leaks, on the rear, we witness the dual rear camera configuration along the dual-toned LED flash, a fingerprint reader (eliminating the rumors of on-screen fingerprint reader), all arranged in vertical symmetry. The phone also uses the 2.5D glass arc for a premium holding experience and better grip.  Appearance wise, the design is simple, straight and polished with some extra rubber shed. AGM X2 was a military grade smartphone. What will be the case with AGM X3 with glass back? Let’s see.AGM X3 Side View Thickness

The side button and the volume rocker appears to be forged from metal as well and undergoes the CNC process, hints the cuts around the button and rocker. The speakers may have shifted to the left or right side or both (stereo), as we can see some ventilation on the lower side, in the picture.

AGM X3 vs AGM X2 thickness comparison
AGM X3 vs AGM X2 thickness comparison

In terms of thickness, it’s slightly thick in comparison to iPhone X, Mi 8, and other non-rugged phones. However, in comparison to its previous generation, the thickness has been reduced to the half (40-50%) of AGM X2 thickness. If X2 is around 1.40 cm thick, AGM X3 will be reduced to 8-9mm only. The iPhone X (7.7mm) is only 0.3 to 1.3mm thinner than this rugged smartphone. Since the thickness has been reduced by half and the body is glass, we can expect the flagship to shed some weight. It won’t be half the weight of X2 since we expect it to be slightly bigger than AGM X2 as well as the battery capacity to increase.

AGM X3 Review - AGM X3 vs Apple iPhone X comparison

Screen & Display

According to the leaks, AGM X3 will feature a generous 5.99-inch 1080p+ full-screen display. Finally, like the tablets, the rugged phones will also move to the 18:9 ratio display provided more length and better grip. Interestingly there will be two variants one with an AMOLED display and one with the JDI IPS display or any one of the two. Since it’s full-screen the forehead and the chin has been significantly reduced.

Hardware & Performance

AGM is the only rugged smartphone manufacturer which provides high-end specs under the hood of rugged smartphones. AGM and AGM X2 all had the best SoC with respect to their time, making rugged powerhouses. Snapdragon 845 will be the heart of AGM X3 coupled with a maximum of 8 gigs of RAM and 1 TB storage. Since Smartisan R1 also provides 1TB storage, so it’s no longer impossible to feature that much storage. However, the question is, do smartphones really need 1TB storage? Let us know in the comment section below.

AGM X3 1TB Storage leaked

Since SD 845 will be incorporated inside AGM X3, this rugged phone will meet the demands of most of the high-end users, scoring an AnTuTu score above 280,000 points.

AnTuTu Score: 286,230 Points

AGM-X3-review-AnTuTu-Score AGM-X3-Geekbench-Score

Recently, a poster mentioning the specs sheet of the phone was leaked. The following variants were highlighted:

  • Standard version (6GB + 64GB)
  • Higher version (8GB + 128GB)

AGM X3 Specs Leaked

Looks like the 1TB storage might be a rumor only and AGM might not be planning to do so. But, we all know AGM is good at surprises. Plus, AGM always has the mid-end variant of the flagships. For example, AGM X2 was provided a Snapdragon 653 version. The Chinese company might do the same trick with AGM X3 to cover more price range. However, which SoC will it going to be, SD 710 or SD 670?

Camera & Samples

Though rugged smartphones are good at providing a quality camera sample, however, AGM proved that wrong with the AGM X2 by providing a nice 16MP front camera, and 12MP Sony IMX 386 dual rear camera. This time, the camera configuration is going to be even better than AGM X2. According to the leaked poster above, the rear dual camera configuration will be a 24MP+12MP Dual lens which may be a Sony IMX576 + Sony IMX386.

Meanwhile, the front camera will be 20MP with face ID.

Connectivity & Features

We have divided the section into two further sub-sections. Wired and Wireless connectivity. First, let’s talk about the wired connectivity. AGM X3 features a Micro-USB Type-C port. Like most of the Type-C smartphones, the 3.5mm audio jack will be missing, since it wasn’t in the leaked poster above.

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Moving to the wireless connectivity, we have common aspects such as the WiFi and OTG. The highlights are the NFC feature and the latest Bluetooth v5.0. The navigation support is also a highlight, supporting GPS, GLONASS, BDS, and AGPS. Of course, there will be surprises as well since it’s a rugged phone made for survival. Chances are even that AGM X3 might inherit VOC and Beidou module (already confirmed) from AGM X2. Such features allow it to be a perfect partner for hiking, hunting, or camping. We are also hoping that there might be some additional surprises as well, who knows, maybe an FRS/GMRS two way radio system making it a Walkie/Talkie. We already have the security touch with the fingerprint reader.

AGM X3 Review - AGM X3 thickness comparison other phones
Top to Bottom: AGM X3, AGM X2, AGM X1, iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus, OPPO F7, Xiaomi Mi 8, OnePlus 6

Regarding the SIM connectivity, AGM X3 will support Dual SIM (Micro+Micro) on the hybrid slot. As it’s hybrid, the SD card is also supported. For the better signal transmission, the 2×2 MIMO is confirmed.

OS & Battery

AGM X3 will be running on the latest Android 8.1 OS. AGM has always been using stock Android with the addition of improved survival app in AGM X3 for checking temperature, attitude, VOC, humidity, pressure etc as well as tools like scale, compass, loupe, protractor, gradienter etc and a unique navigation system for BDS, GPS (Google Maps), GLONASS and AGPS.

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Finally, last but not the least is the battery of AGM X3. You might think that the battery capacity will reduce than AGM X2 as the third generation is 50% thinner than the previous one. But let us tell you that though its thinner, yet, the size of the phone will increase as well since the display moved from 5.5-inch to 5.99-inch 18:9. So, we might expect the same 6000mAh battery, or even better (up to 8000mAh). Furthermore, the phone the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and, like told previously, Wireless Charging as well.

Specification Sheet (Rumored)

MaterialRear Glass, plastic, metal,
Corning Gorilla Glass Protection 5
Screen5.99-inch, 18:9
DisplayJDI or AMOLEd
SoCSnapdragon 845
ROM64GB/128GB, 1TB (leaked)
CameraRear: 24MP+12MP (Sony IMX576 + Sony IMX386)
Front: 20MP
SIM cardNano + Nano, 4G LTE, FDD, 3G, 2G
ConnectivityMicro USB Type-C, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, OTG
OSAndroid 8.1
Battery6000mAh or 8000mAh, QC 3.0, Wireless Charging
SensorsAmbient Light Sensor,Geomagnetic Sensor,Gravity Sensor,Proximity Sensor, Fingerprint Reader
Other FeaturesVOC, Beidou module, 2x2 MIMO, Face ID, FRS/GMRS two way radio system (rumored)

Pros & Cons (Rumored)


  • Great holding experience with Glass Back and 2.5D Arc
  • Rugged phone moving to the Full-screen display
  • The Best Hardware Till Date (SD 845 + 8GB + 1TB/128GB)
  • Great Camera Experience
  • Wireless Charging added with high capacity battery & QC 3.0
  • VOC and Beidou
  • Android 8.1 with improved UI & Tools


  • Glass and rubber won’t be as strong as metal, plastic, and rubber
  • No 3.5mm audio jack
  • Might be expensive
  • Availability might become an issue

Our Verdict

AGM X3 will be a rugged phone which will be not so rugged. It will reflect a perfect hybrid of a non-rugged and rugged phone which is glass and rubber making it immune to most of the extremities. It will be as thin as an iPhone X. With the SD 845 and 8GB RAM, dual rear camera, this rugged phone will be able to meet the demands on high-end users. If true, 1TB storage might give it a perfect start. And additional features such as VOC and Beidou module will make it the best survival partner on the planet. Furthermore, there are some surprises as well.

Everything sounds perfect about the upcoming AGM X3, from the beast like hardware to the latest Android OS. However, the point is, will the glass and rubber combination be stronger than the metal, plastic and rubber one. We will find out soon.

Finally, the price of the flagship will definitely be more than 500 USD. If we witness the 1TB version, it will easily cross 1000 USD, like the Exclusive version (with Beidou module) of AGM X2. It will be releasing this Q3, 2018. Let’s wait and watch.



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  1. They seriously need to give this thing an alloy back. As there aren’t any real cases for the X2 I doubt the X3 will be much different. A ruggedized phone with a glass back is just stupid without a decent case.

  2. sd845+triproof+wirelesscharger plus fast charging bigger than 25W+camera latest exmor both back&front plus rear ois&eis plus selfie flash +battery bigger than 6000mah+dual speaker+fast face/fingerprint unlock like op6+3.5mm jack+side slider (3 mode) to define for profile or other preferences = price 600USD

    if instead of hybrid,2sim and extra slot for memory support, is much appreciated

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