Adjustable Game / Office / Rest Gaming Chair now offered for just $329.99

Computer users always look for a comfortable and adjustable chair to work for longer hours. Considering this challenge, Xiaomi is introducing a great solution with adjustable chair best for office, gaming, and rest as well.

It is a Grey-colored cushion 150-degree rear lying design. You can adjust and fix it at any angle as per your requirements. Further, it has 4D stereo surround with wider backrest stain resistant approach.

Moreover, the adjustable rest gaming chair has integrated steel bone to give you a steady and the best sitting experience. Similarly, you can also adjust the armrest to any direction.

Combining all, the adjustable rest gaming chair includes the best ever features to provide you with the remarkable working experience all the time.

Specs of the Adjustable Rest gaming chair

4D Stereo Surround

The adjustable rest gaming chair comes with 4D stereo surround and cool wide backrest. Moreover, it has thickened sponge seat cushion to make your work exciting and full of joy.

The chair will cover your body from each side and gives you the complete rest and safety and comfortable feeling.

Adjustable Backrest

The Xiaomi has focused a lot on to deliver a flexible approach to generate full satisfaction. You can adjust your back from 90 to 155-degree angles. 90-degree is for working, 100 for watching TV etc., 120 for playing computer games, and 155 for taking rest and leisure time.

Thicken Sponge Seat Cushion

In addition, the adjustable rest gaming chair carries steel bone with high-density sponge filler. Moreover, the anti-oxidation PU wrap ensures durability and comfortable seating. The integrated steel frame and inbuilt spring will make sure the even stress and reducing back pressure.

Adjustable Armrest

Not only backrest, but you can also adjust armrest to any of the directions. It is designed with steel bone and soft PU coat. This will fit your elbow very well.

Anti-Explosive design

The adjustable rest gaming chair will give you the best seating experience with thicken anti-explosive steel plate adjusted at the bottom. Similarly, the grade 4 explosion proof pneumatic bar will enhance the security and delivers free-mind rest.

Mute Wheels and Nylon Claws

As the adjustable rest gaming chair contains high strength claws which can take the load maximum of 1136 KG. Similarly, quiet wheels with nylon fibre and PU coat do not harm your floor and tiles.

Where to buy:

The price of the adjustable rest gaming chair is $329.99 on Gearbest. Click here to buy now:



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