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ACT Fibernet offers free internet for Xiaomi Mi TV owners

Limited promotion just for India.

The success of Xiaomi in India with its products and services is already widely recognized. It has even become the number one smartphone brand in this country. This may be due to the quality plus a very low price compared to those of the competition. So it’s not a surprise that more and more companies want to make alliances with Xiaomi. Like ACT Fibernet that is offering up to 3 months of free internet for Xiaomi Mi TV customers.

Who can enjoy this ACT Fibernet promotion in India?

This limited offer provided by ACT Fibernet announces band plans that will be offered to owners of a Mi TV. This service will be available for places like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. So those who live in one of these cities and have a Mi TV 4 55-inch or a Mi TV 4A, either in its 32-inch or 43-inch presentation, congratulations because you will be able to enjoy this incredible plan!

ACT Fibernet offers free internet for Xiaomi Mi TV owners

Register to have the benefits of the free internet for Xiaomi Mi TV

The way to sign up for these plans is to enter the owner’s name, cell phone number, the city in which they live and their proof of purchase with ACT Fibernet. You have to remember that you should check if the service is available in the area where you live. When the registration is validated, you will be chosen to enjoy a trial period of one free month of the internet with the best ACT Fibernet service.

ACT Fibernet offers free internet for Xiaomi Mi TV owners

As of the second month, you should choose one of the broadband internet plans that the service offers. Then the next two months will be automatically released with 1,000 GB of additional data. This at no additional cost but they will only be valid until December 31 of this year.

So, in total, you can enjoy up to three months with free broadband internet access.

Mi TV in the Indian Market

You should also notice that these TVs are compatible with almost all the decoders available in India, such as Tata Sky, Dish TV, and Siti. Not to mention the AI system that offers thanks to the ROM called PatchWall. This function is responsible for studying and learning about user behavior to the point of making suggestions based on their tastes.

ACT Fibernet offers free internet for Xiaomi Mi TV owners

As we mentioned before, Xiaomi is working to boost its TV business in India. Possibly the offer of these free internet plans will greatly increase the volume of sales of these products. So it could be a very effective marketing strategy for both companies. Again Xiaomi knows how to attract new customers and keep current ones happy.


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