A premium device by Gree just for 6000 yuans!

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Right now, the best high-end mobile phone smartphone on the market is the Mate 7 with it’s high end version selling for just under 3700 yuan. The Chinese consumers generally are known to prefer devices upto 4,000 yuan. But some OEM’s do price their devices above that with entry-level smartphones selling for around 5k-6k yuans. One such device is Gree’s latest handset.

In an interview with the China Times, Mr.Dong Mingzhy of Gree was quoted as saying that gree mobile phones signify three generations of products and the new handset is going to come in two versions, a standard one as well as a premium edition. Gree also has targeted to produce five to six thounsand units of its new high-end phones.

Will they succeed in their attempts? Only time will tell.



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