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There, everything depends on the luck and only luck. Everyone gets a special card with list of numbers in random order. The leader calls numbers, and the gambler checks the card for the presence of numbers in it. The winner is the one whose card was the first containing the winning combination. The winners are players who have numbers in a row, several rows or a block. In online casinos, instead of the host, numbers are selected by a program operating based on a random generator of numbers.


We are obliged to Italians not only pasta, pizza and wine, but also bingo. Back in the 16th century, they invented a game called lotto, which they still play today. Over the years, the game has overwhelmed Europe and later came to North America. At that time, it was called “bino” and became “bingo” quite by accident when one of the players who received the winning combination accidentally mixed up the name and shouted “bingo”. In the UK, this game is no less popular. In 1960, it was legalized and since then began to collect thousands of Britons, becoming a favourite entertainment. Later, its scope reached such a scale that, since the mid-80s, national lotteries with multi-million winnings have emerged in many countries. Starting in 2000, bingo, or bingo, went online, allowing people all over the world to play, win, and meet other bingo lovers.


• High payouts;
• Availability of play parties at any time of the day;
• The game is faster;
• You can play several games or halls at the same time;
• Wide range of game variants and number of players;
• Can play for free.


First of all, you have to choose a type of game: there are 75 balls in American-styled bingo, but also you can find variations on 30 balls. The traditional UK game involves 90 balls. Let’s consider the rules of the game based on it.
A ticket for a game with 90 possible numbers is divided into 3 rows and 9 columns, which in total gives 27 squares. Each row has 15 rooms. Each standard ticket consists of 6 small tickets, which are called “strip”. In fact, these six tickets contain all the numbers from 1 to 90, arranged in a different order.
Now that you know what a standard bingo ticket looks like, let’s move on to the game itself.
1. The choice of the game. Winning bingo depends on the type of game, the size of the bets and the number of tickets. To fight for the biggest prizes, an online casino usually asks the player to provide information about payment methods. This may be a bank card or something else.
2. Buying a ticket. Choosing the right game, you will be offered tickets. Most often, you can buy several tickets, but often it is a maximum of two. And there is no proven mechanism – it all depends on your luck. Please note that even if you play a free game, you still have to “buy” a ticket. Do not be alarmed by this word, nothing is required of you in the free game. After that, the fun begins.
3. Announcement of numbers. In an online casino, balls are selected using a random number generator. Unlike the traditional game, in the online version, the computer tells you where you have matches or even automatically eliminates matches, leaving you more time to communicate with other players. You can switch to automatic mode or delete rooms yourself. In any case, the risk of missing your number is minimized – the computer still takes into account the coincidences in your ticket.
4. Announcement of the winner. As soon as the winner appears, the game is suspended. The winning player receives the main prize, and the rest can see if there are winning combinations on their ticket. Even if you were not the one who said “Bingo!”, You can get a good prize. The main thing is that your ticket contains combinations of matched numbers, for example, several columns or a square of numbers. Each bingo variety has its winning combinations, which can be found on the online casino website.


1. Limit the budget. Spontaneous buying of several tickets in one day, most likely, leads not to the desired gain. Consistency is surely of a great importance, so consider in advance how much you are willing to spend. Check out the bonus offers that online casinos regularly offer. And if you are not sure of your winnings, try a 5-pound deposit bingo to start.
2. Find your preferable type of bingo and an appropriate website. If you regularly gambling or quite occasionally, find a website to your taste.
3. If possible, buy a few tickets. If your budget allows you, we recommend buying several tickets for one game. This is better than several simultaneous or consecutive games.
4. Make your chances to win higher. Make your experience to choose not the most common time to play, so you will acquire chances to grab luck by the tail.
With these advices, you can successfully win in bingo both online and in real casinos.


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