90 Points has released a new transparent suitcase for its third anniversary

Xiaomi has in its power the host of companies that make products under their name, this because they belong to its ecological chain, each one is responsible for a specific market, and today it is the turn to 90 Points. A great brand that was unveiled in 2015 when it launched its first suitcase to the market. Today, three years later, the 90 Points suitcases have been several of Xiaomi’s best-selling products inside and outside of China.

90 Points 3rd Anniversary Suitcase Design

The enormous quality and style of these products is what has made them stand out, since they cover satisfactorily the vast majority of problems with luggage, in addition to the great technology they possess, for example, they recently launched a suitcase with Fingerprints scanner to greatly improve its security. This time with the intention of renewing themselves and in commemoration of their third anniversary, the brand has decided to launch a completely transparent suitcase.

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Features of the new 90 Points Suitcase

This suitcase has a size of 20 inches and a total weight of 2.7Kg. Its protective case is made of 100% German transparent PC Bayer particles. Along with this, we must also say that it is super resistant to water and traction. With regard to its grip bar, it is made of an aluminum alloy of the 6 series that is 100% aviation material and has 4 different adjustment levels. Under the suitcase are the wheels manufactured with high precision double bearing, along with 360º flexible sliding, excellent elasticity, great noise reduction and absorption of impacts or blows that can be generated during the trip.

90 Points 3rd Anniversary Suitcase Teaser

The suitcase also comes equipped with a double-wheel customs lock with a mechanical code, which is designed by the rules of the TSA blocking pattern of the US Transportation Security Administration. Basically, this is designed to prevent customs from damaging the lock while it is in transit. This suitcase can be purchased in China for a total of 599 yuan ($90) in the flagship stores of 90 Points in Tmall, it should be noted that this is a limited edition, so it will soon be sold out.

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