90 Points Lite Suitcase: For casual and contemporary travelers

The Chinese suitcase manufacturer, Runmi, is a Xiaomi partner and provides excellent items for its ecological system. It is possible that you have not heard this name since most of us know it by the 90 Points brand. The important thing is that we are starting the 2019 and it has already released the first product of the year: a suitcase called 90 Points Lite Suitcase.

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90 Points Lite Suitcase: A new product from Runmi and Xiaomi

The 90 Points Lite Suitcase comes in three color variants. The price of this suitcase starts at 399 yuan (around $59). As we said, it was built for Runmi in conjunction with Jingdong, who have put all their experience but letting see the simplicity and minimalism that characterize Xiaomi. By its appearance, we could say that it is designed for young and contemporary people, having dimensions of 55 x 37.5 x 22.3 cm. The color options are also suitable for young people because it is available in black, white, gray and blue.

90 Points Lite Suitcase Dimensions and Colors

The suitcase uses a new storage system from two independent U-shaped partitions. On one side we have a mesh surface, which is strong and resistant to wet. While the other side is a closed surface, it can be used to place private items and has a separate storage bag, suitable for put small pieces or accessories.

The exterior is waterproof and anti-scratch, it is made with PC Covestro of Germany of three layers of colored PC + fiber enhanced PC + PC colored. For best results, this suitcase has a handle made of aviation aluminum alloy, which can also be adjusted in four levels. Plus, the 90 Points Lite Suitcase is equipped with a customs code certified by the TSA and has an advanced level of security using integrated keys to lock the lever. With one hand, the slider opens instantaneously and the wheels are silent.

There is no news about the availability of this suitcase but we are sure that, as always, we will first see it in the Chinese market.

Source – Gizmochina

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