Xiaomi 90 Minute new jacket with a heating mechanism

We know that many of you will think that it is no longer surprising that certain sub-brands of Xiaomi, such as 90 Minute or Uleemark, launch incredible jackets to the market. But believe us when we say that today’s product exceeds normal standards. Xiaomi is known for giving a “smart touch” to most of its products. This time they made it in a jacket!

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The new 90 Minute’s jacket will delight you with its gabardine style. And it is made, conveniently, with 90% goose feathers. It will be an ideal garment for any weather, from the spring cold to the most unforgiving winter, including rain. This is because it is manufactured with 4 levels of water resistance; including standard IPX7 certification.

Xiaomi 90 Minute new jacket with a heating mechanism

An electronic system in the new jacket of Xiaomi 90 Minute

However, the most impressive thing is that, although it looks like an ordinary jacket with the single goal to protect us from the cold, it also has an internal electronic heating system that plays a very important role: heating the areas more vulnerable to get cold.

Xiaomi 90 Minute new jacket with a heating mechanism

How is it able to do it? A cable that must be connected to a power bank will be inside one of the pockets. Although the power bank is not included with the jacket, we believe that nowadays this is a device part of the daily life of many. Thus, the objective of our power bank will be to distribute “heat” or “energy” to specific areas such as the neck, waist or back.

Xiaomi 90 Minute new jacket with a heating mechanism

Of course, the mentioned mechanism will not always be active. A button has been placed on the bottom of the jacket to turn it on and it shuts off automatically if temperatures exceed a certain limit (40°C to 50°C). Also, a special sensor under the right front pocket informs you about the discharge of the battery. According to the developers, the system has passed several tests and is completely safe because short circuit protection has been incorporated.

Sale price

Initially, the new 90 Minute smart jacket will be available for sale in China only, with sizes to choose between S and XXL. The first lot will begin to be commercialized from October 15 and the initial price will be 549 yuan (around USD $79).

Xiaomi 90 Minute new jacket with a heating mechanism

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