8H armchair, a new product under the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi

While we know how huge and varied the Xiaomi catalog can be. Today we deal with a new product that was launched under Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, the Xiaomi 8H armchair, designed to be completely comfortable in the way you’ll want to sit on it or even use it to take a nap if you wish, it is a home product that can look spectacular anywhere you want to place it.

This product comes from the hand of the 8H sub-brand of Xiaomi, it is quite known by the fans of the company. So most know the quality of their sheets, mattresses, bedspreads, and pillows, which can certainly reach the quality of any other recognized brand. And it’s just a matter of taking a brief look at the 8H Neck Pillow Z2 or the Xiaomi 8H 7-District Natural Latex Mattress R1 to get an idea of the comfort they can offer.

8H armchair, a recliner armchair

8H armchair

The 8H armchair is made of high-quality materials to provide comfort and last as long as possible without its deterioration, the best thing is that is reclinable, and it does not come alone, since it includes a furniture for the feet made with the same materials.

To be precise, the structure of the armchair and the furniture for feet are made of pine wood. The chassis is made with a stainless steel alloy, giving it stability and firmness which will give an ergonomic support, as for the cushions, these are made with a combination of sorona, cotton, and teflon for external finishing.

The 8H armchair reclines thanks to a lever located on one of the sides that changes the position of the chair, we can place it from a position of 90 degrees to 180 degrees, the head of the furniture can also move by hand from 45 degrees to 10 degrees of inclination. So we can not only use it to sit down to read a novel or to watch television but you can lie down on it and take a pleasant nap.

8H armchair

The furniture is removable which allows washing each part of the cushion without any inconvenience. Its reclining mechanism has been subjected to many demanding tests of resistance and weight in order to obtain its certificates in order to be used. It is currently available only in China at a price of $188.85 (12900 INR) although we hope it will soon reach the virtual export stores.

Source: XiaomiToday En Español

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