50% OFF YESKAMO Floodlight Cam @Amazon! Only $39.5 Wireless Outdoor 1080P Camera with 2-way Audio and Full Color Night Vision

Security cameras are the becoming the most important solution to keep every single home safe and secure. One of the problem of monitoring systems is that they can not really prevent from intruders, they can only witness and help to catch the crimes.
However, today what we are introducing is a smart home security system with PIR motion detection, Siren alarm, Two-way Audio, Floodlight and full color night vision– will absolutely stop the crime.
YESKAMO floodlight security camera has obtained very high evaluation on Amazon. The reason for the popularity is that in addition to being a price range that is easy to put out in security cameras, it is highly functional and that it can be upgraded later to a full-fledged security camera system.

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The security camera of YESKAMO is equipped with various functions that are highly effective for “crime prevention”. For example, an alarm function that sounds a buzzer together with the reaction of a human sensor, and in addition to lighting an LED at night in addition to it, there are lots of things. In response to moving objects, suspicious recording starts automatically, and when suspicious recording is triggered, an alert is sent to a dedicated application. 

One of the reasons that YESKAMO security camera is selected is that it has a “PIR sensor”. The PIR sensor is a sensor that senses “heat”, and it is installed on it to sense the heat of people and animals. Because it has a heat detection sensor, malfunction with tree branches and leaves swaying in the wind is significantly reduced.

It’s very useful for talking to delivery men – you can talk into your phone via and app, and the sound is played through the camera:

Unlike other cameras, this has bright LED floodlights and a blaring siren alarm, when any motion is detected, you will know immediately:

Plus it’s waterproof, has night vision motion sensor so you can put it up outside if you want:

You can use your phone to remote control the camera–Liveview, playback videos, talk to cameras etc.

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