5 Red Colored Flagships Comparison: Which One You Choose?

Apple adds a new color to the iPhone line hardly. We remember when it added the white version to the family, it was followed by many discussions and complaints. In contrast, other smartphone makers like to offer various colors for their flagships. Previously, blue was the most popular alternative color option for the Chinese flagships. As for this year, the most outstanding colors are red and gradient purple. We haven’t managed to get our hands on the latter, but below you can find the comparison photos of red flagships. The photos provided by IT Home are made to help you decide which of them meets your requirements the most.

red flagship phones

From the left to the right, the phones participating in this comparison are the OnePlus 6 Amber Red, the VIVO NEX Ruby Red, the Meitu T9 Berry Red, the VIVO X21 Ruby R red, and the OPPO R15 Dream Mirror Red.

red flagship phones

red flagship phones

The three handsets above are close in size and their back panel is made of glass material.

red flagship phones

The only difference between them is the gradient coating of the R15. In contrast, the OnePlus 6 is brighter and the visual effect is transparent. The rightmost VIVO X21 has some light changes as well, but the whole handset sports the same color. The effect is more uniform.

red flagship phones

The Meitu T9’s size is close to the VIVO NEX. The difference is that it comes with a metal back cover, while the VIVO NEX uses a glass material. The visual difference between these two phones is obvious. The reflection of the glass material is stronger. The color of the metal material is still relatively balanced under the change of light.

red flagship phones

Different manufacturers have different understandings of color. So red is presented on the products in different ways to show personality.

Red symbolizes vitality and enthusiasm. Obviously, these versions are made for females. And this set of flagship handsets should be great to choose from. So which one is at your taste?

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