5 Reasons the Coolpad Cool1 Dual is Worth Buying [$102.99 Offer]

Phablets are a part of the technological market that most buyers don’t hear of usually and is only known to them as a phone. While the term is used more by those in the industry, most phones these days are those adhering to the phablet category. The Coolpad Cool 1 Dual is one of the many devices found in that category.

Jointly produced by Coolpad and LeEco, the Coolpad Cool1 Dual. With ideas brought in from the Le 2 onto the table by LeEco, the combined product does have some pretty good features. Here are 5 top reasons to grab the Coolpad Cool1 Dual from shelves and rock the device.

1. Fast to make it count

Running on the power given by the octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 SoC, the Coolpad Cool1 Dual manages to pack in a lot of speed. Supporting 4G LTE on both the SIM slots, a speedy network can be counted on both SIMs inserted. Scrapping their usual Cool UI and embracing LeEco’s EUI, the single Android version present on the phone is fast enough to leave a mark. Free from bloatware by coming with the basic phone apps and only the Amazon app as an extra attachment, speed isn’t made an issue.

Unlock speeds are also top notch with the quick fingerprint sensor found on the back of the phablet. Located below the dual camera, it has been kept in an easily accessible location to ease into the fast processes of the phones working. The RAM which is 3 or 4 GB, varying based on the purchase made online (4) or offline (3), it backs up the octa-core SoC to handle any heavy process. playing games like Asphalt 8 won’t be an issue and the phone handles the speed shown in the racing track.

2. Battery huge enough to stay

Erasing all the concerns of battery life, the Cool 1 Dual is equipped with a 4000mAh battery that manages to last from a day and a half to two days of usage. In case such a huge battery life isn’t made available during certain charge cycles, the battery manages to get charged quick enough to get back on the job without much delay.

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3. Two cameras to double the qualtiy

Fitted with two lenses, a technique similar to that used in the Huawei P9, the Coolpad Cool1 Dual is able to produce good photos. The usual RGB lens and a monochrome lens are the ones present. Capturing different levels of light and detail, the final image is a product taken from both the lenses.

While some of the pictures don’t turn out to be the most presentable with a shutter speed and processing speed a tad low, the SLR mode allows for adjustments in focus to perfect it out. Individual usage of the lenses can also be done according to requirements. Black and white artistic pictures can be taken with the monochrome lens alone opting away from the rich and detailed image from both lenses.

Some videos tend to come with shaky footage due to lack of optical image stabilization. But when 4K videos can be shot with the Cool 1 Dual, the shaky footage tends to be forgotten.

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4. Simple and uncommon features

A feature that the Xiaomi phones tend to come equipped with is the Universal Remote that comes when an IR blaster is added to the top of the phone. The Cool 1 Dual also uses that to bring the Universal Remote to users. There a lot of people who miss the FM radio that used to come on phones when radios started disappearing from houses. All those stuck in the olden times grieving for radios don’t need to look away from the Cool 1 Dual.

5. Great quality for a low price

With many options under $150 price range tending to be of lower qualities and prices shooting up the roof, Coolpad Cool 1 Dual promises to be one in the price range that is worth the money. While not exactly a flagship model, it still is a good one in the low budget price range. Furthermore you can purchase the Coolpad Cool 1 Dual at a stunning price of just $102.99 on gearbest. At this price tag, the Coolpad Cool 1 is a definite deal breaker!

Spec Sheet:

CPU: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 652 Octa Core 1.8GHz
Rear Camera: rear cameras 13.0MP + 13.0MP with AF and flashlight + front camera 8.0MP
Display: 5.5 inch FHD screen
Battery: 4000mAh

Original Price: $146.99

Offer Price: $102.99

How to claim the “Gearbest Deposit Expansion”? (Offer)

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 2018 is available on gearbest right now. You can put a deposit in advance, get the extra discount when finalizing your payment later.

How it works?

  1. Original Price of Coolpad Cool1 Dual: $146.99
  2. Now Pay $10 as deposit to reserve the product. The deposit is worth 44$, which means you can have 44$ off for the products.
  3. After the discount, Final price: $146.99-$44+$10 Deposit=$92.99

Note: Do note that GearBest points and coupons will not be applicable for final payment. Also, the deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to make the final payment within the time frame provided.


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