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Well, as the saying goes, “Going up on the price chart can land you with a better audio experience”. Fortunately that’s not the case anymore. With the increase in number of manufacturers and the high demand for cheap and affordable gaming headphones. Few companies have worked their way to bring in the best audio experience to fit in your budget. So we’ve done the research to present you the Top 5 Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019 under $20. The following gaming headphones were selected after an immense research based on audio performance, mic quality, comfort in design and also making sure to choose the best gaming headphones that everyone can afford!

This article is a one stop to your search for the best affordable gaming headphones!

Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $20 (Early 2019):

EACH G4000: USB Gaming Headphones ($15.36)

While thinking about gaming headphones, “EACH” might not be a brand that easily pops up in mind but considering how good the EACH G400 is, we at xiaomitoday thought why not throw some lime-light on these Headphones. The Design language is almost similar as any other gaming headphones. It is predominantly made-up of plastic but seems to feel pretty rigid.

One thing is for sure, don’t judge these headphones with its price. The product is extremely classy and the build is sturdy. The headbands are pretty comfortable. Need not to be worried, depending on the head size the bands are pretty flexible so it will pretty much fit perfectly. Only drawback I saw in terms of the design language is that the headphones offer large earpads which might feel a bit uncomfortable to some people. Other than this, the EACH G400 is a very good pair of headphones.

Down the headphones, the wires are majorily fiber coated. The EACH G400 Headset also offers some super color LED Light which is a cherry on the cake. Considering the price tag the sound quality isn’t something to be judged. It is pretty good, the audio is crisp but the bass in not that great. Although the ear-cups fit perfectly so there is no leakage of sound. Overall it is a pretty charming pair of headphones at a pretty charming price!

The EACH G400 Gaming Headphones is an existing proof that a good headphone need not have to be expensive! It is a sheer experience of quality and super budget friendly.

NUBWO N2: Stereo Gaming Headset ($15.99)

A good headphone not only will give you immersive gaming experience, it will also allow you to communicate with your teammates more clearly and efficiently. Nubwo N2 comes with a metallic light-weight frame and headband which gives it an amazing look with comfort. Despite having metal frame, the headphone is not necessarily that heavy.

The suspension headband makes it very comfortable to distribute weight and heat dissipation. Also the Nubwo N2 headphones don’t squeeze in too firmly against your ears, it is pretty comfortable. The mic gives an amazing output better than most of the headphones in the market! So likely for streaming the NUBWO N2 Stereo Gaming Headset might be the ideal choice. The mic is also flexible and could be bent without any worries.

The Nubwo N2 has a very crisp audio output maintaining the neutral sound quality. Every sound you hear is inside the 3d-space in gamezone or precisely where those footsteps you hear are coming from but for audio beyond games, like listening to music or movies N2 don’t deliver the best performance. The buttons on the headphone are at weird positions but still accessible. The button to control mic is inside the foam that would make you either to take out foam and operate it or else scraping through the foam.

If you’re looking for a headset for seamless streaming experience then Nubwo N2 might be a great choice.

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ONIKUMA K1S: Over-ear Stereo Gaming Headphone ($16.99)

ONIKUMA K1 is an important player in this list of the best gaming headsets under $20. The build quality is great, packed up in a plastic shell and extendable metal chassis. Going inside the head rim the head cushion is nice and comfy. The manufacturers call it high protein.

Ear pads are big and can fit over any normal sized ear unless you have very pointy ears, the cushion is not very soft but gives a firm grip. The ONIKUMA K1 Gaming Headset kind of fits firmly over the head and can cause little discomfort with its 415gms weight on a longer use (_sweat_). Connection cables are braided and looks pretty strong and is also claimed to be 3 times more durable than any other gaming headphone’s cable.

Won’t call the best mic but looking at budget, the ONIKUMA K1 offers a very decent mic, voice may tear up when too loud. The mic is retractable which means you can fold it back while not in use. Booms are too good and the crispy sound makes it easier to play FPS. While gaming even the footsteps sounded so clear to assume to moment gunshots and while the explosions gives up little bass boom.

The Onikuma K1 Headphone uses its 50mm driver very well. They are enhanced for amazing gaming experience. If you try to listen to some classical music then maybe you wont get that satisfaction. K1 consumes 60 ohms. It is compatible with most of tech we use, although it still is preferred to use with laptop or PCs because it becomes little bulky while used with mobile or ipod’s! All buttons are embedded into single control port. You can also turn the mic on/off with the help of the controller.

OVANN X7: Professional Gaming Headset ($21.88)

The OVANN X7 Gaming Headset is slightly higher than $20, that’s approximately priced at $21.88. We at xiaomitoday thought that the OVANN X7 deserves a place in this list. It is a stunningly beautiful pair of headphones. Needless to say in-spite of the price, I’m pretty impressed by how many people loved these headphones. The Ovann X7 Gaming headset has a blend of optimum quality, both in-terms of audio production and comfort. To be truthful these are the very first cheap gaming headphones that I used for a longer period of time without any pressure or heat dissipation.

The Nubwo N2 on spec carries a in-line volume controller and switch for turning the microphone on or off. The mic is a 270 degree stick. Further has an adjustable headband, which is predominantly made of silicone. Overall the build quality is superior and uses a hard plastic material. Unlike the EACH G4000, the Ovann X7 Gaming Headset has two 3.55mm plug, with one for audio output and the other for microphone.

Unlike the Nubwo N2, the Ovann X7 have a very average microphone. It is decent enough for communicating with your fellow gamers but definitely not optimal for recording or streaming. Although you can overcome this con by using softwares to increase the sensibility. Also the microphone is not flexible and the placement is kind of close to the mouth.

The OVANN X7 is a damn good entry-level gaming headset that brings aesthetics to a gamers life.

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EACH G2000: USB Gaming Headset ($17.69)

The EACH G2000 is an amazing budget gaming headphone, priced at $17.69. The Gaming Headset has great aesthetics with chrome design which is really stylish. The LED’s are placed near the speakers and also the mic is powered by USB. The XBOX 360 users will need an audio cable, as the mic and speakers have different dedicated ports

The headset looks bulky and strong! One drawback is that, the foams provided on the ear pads and headband are pretty average. The Earpads perfectly covers up your ear and also at the same time provides a little noise cancellation, not technically or using any software. The Mic snaps into position perfectly when adjusted. Talking about the sound quality, the EACH G2000 Gaming Headphones have an amazing sound optimization. The device uses its 50mm driver to its peak and make the gaming audio very clear and crispy. Specially the device offers outstanding bass on playing EDMs!

Best part of this headphones are comfort, they could be even used for long hours without making sweat around ears

We hope you loved our list of the top 5 best gaming headsets under $20 in 2019. If you feel that we missed a worthy gaming headphone that didn’t make the list then do let us know on the comment section below.


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