5 Amazing Tricks That Will Enhance Your Phone Usability

Do you feel incomplete without your smartphone? You aren’t alone. Some consider the smartphone as one of the greatest inventions of modern times. While a smartphone can perform a multitude of tasks in the palm of your hand, beneath the surface lie various untapped features which are inconspicuous to users. In this article, we highlight five such amazing tricks that can take your smartphone usability to the next level.

  1. Eliminate Storage Problems: Smartphones are a one-stop device for music, pictures, and videos. However, the lack of storage can impact budding music or photography enthusiasts. While many users store a majority of their pictures and music on their desktops, quite a few of these make it to the smartphone as well. To add new files to your smartphone, you will need to delete older ones. You can use applications such as Gmote to stream music from your desktop or laptop to your smartphone through Wi-Fi. This will help you save storage space on your phone enhancing its usability.
  2.  Low Battery: Have you ever found yourself on-the-go waiting for an urgent call only to realize that the battery on your phone has run out? How to improve your phone battery life? Almost everyone who has a smartphone has gone through this issue. If you find that your battery is running out of juice, place your phone on airplane mode and turn the Wi-Fi on. This will enable you to remain in touch with social media and work through the Wi-Fi while your phone will not spend its battery power on other apps.
  3. Using a VPN Service: Using a VPN can improve the usability of your smartphone significantly. A VPN service lets users access geo-restricted regions while surfing anonymously. But merely any VPN won’t be appropriate for your smartphone as conventional VPNs are not optimized in a way that can address mobile communication problems such as inter-network roaming, battery life, coverage gaps, bandwidth, and limited storage space. For instance, on moving from Wi-Fi to 4G or vice-versa, you can often lose the VPN connection with a traditional provider. Therefore, it is essential to choose a top VPN that has been optimized for mobile communication.
  4. Universal remote: You can convert your smartphone into a universal remote eliminating the need for multiple remotes. Various apps allow you to turn your smartphone into a universal remote. However, most devices operate on an Infrared light. This warrants an IR dongle as smartphones do not contain IR emitters. Once you pair this dongle with the app, your smartphone will be ready to be used as a universal remote.
  5. Contact Information for Emergencies: If you happen to lose your phone and a Samaritan wants to contact you to return it, how will they do so? What if someone wants to contact your friends and family upon finding you in an emergency situation? For such contingencies, you can place your contact information on your lock screen. To do this, you can go to security in “Settings” for Android, and “Health” on iOS.

These tips can improve the usability of your smartphone even further. Whether it is battery storage or VPN use, you can make sure that your smartphone offers you better functionality through these simple techniques. We hope that you will find the suggestions in this article useful, and don’t forget to leave us a comment with details on any special functionality-enhancing tricks of your own!

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