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4 Ways to Build Customer Relationships

Building stellar customer service is half the battle of building a successful company with longevity. Business owners and consumers, alike, have all experience good and bad customer service, and it only takes one interaction to determine if you are going to continue patronizing that particular company. Below, you will find 4 key factors in creating and maintaining a reputation for out of this world customer service.

Ask for Feedback

Don’t just wait for the feedback to come to you, go ahead and ask your clients or customers to let you know how they felt about working with you. Most people will be happy to tell you how they feel and with the information they give you, you can more easily re-work your business model to suit the needs of your target audience. This can be achieved by sending out surveys over the phone, through email, or mail. You can also direct customers to your website or social media page to leave detailed messages there about how you did. This shows your consumers that you care, that their opinion matters, you’ll be tapping into their human nature making them feel valued. One very successful company, that welcomes and promptly responds to feedback, is AvaCare Medical. They stay very active on all of the major social media platforms and genuinely take into account any and all feedback they receive. There efforts have helped them to gain the trust of an innumerable amount of people all over the country.

Give Rewards

Another simple and effective way to give loyalty to get loyalty is to create an awards program. Have your customers sign up for a loyalty program, it can be as simple as a punch card. After however many purchases or dollars spent, they can be eligible for a discount or maybe a free product or service. You could create promotional items, something small like a pen or an item of clothing like a hat or t-shirt, to give away for free as a token of your gratitude and a good way to keep you on their minds.

Lead by Example

To help build your external relationships, start internally. The old adage, lead by example, comes to mind. When you treat your employees right, it’s contagious, they’ll want to pay it forward to the customers. Also, when your customers see that a company is kind to their employees, they feel more comfortable giving them their business. I’ve been in several situations where I’ve seen an employee being treated rotten, in restaurants and retail, and I have refused to return.

It Won’t Happen Overnight

You might not get it right every time, people have bad days and make mistakes, and even though the motto is the customer is always right, that’s not always the case; there are just some people you can’t please. But that’s ok! You can’t rush the connections, it takes time to forge solid rapport with your customer base, as long as you are making the effort and sincerity is your driving force, it will be noticed and your company will be that much better for it.


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