Qualcomm Announces the 3D Sonic Max Fingerprint Sensor in the Snapdragon Summit 2019

A couple of days ago, the US-based mobile chipset manufacturer Qualcomm hosted the Snapdragon Summit 2019 to reveal some its improved mobile platforms. At the same event, the company also reveals the 3D Sonic Max fingerprint sensor alongside the SD865, SD765, and SD765G chipsets.

The 3D Sonic Max is the improved generation of its 3D Sonic in-display fingerprint sensor. What it brings new is that the new concept uses ultrasound for recording fingerprints. It is unlike the capacitive or optical methods we have seen on smartphones like OnePlus 7T etc.

Features of 3D Sonic Max Fingerprint Sensor:

Well, the new edition of the sensor also fetches a downside. It is not as fast as the optical sensors but provides more security than any other module solution out there right now on the market.

Notably, the newly-launched 3D Sonic Max also receives an increased size. It is now 17x bigger than the previous generation sensor. The company also has claimed the new fingerprint sensor to be faster and fairly easy to use. But currently, we have no phone embedding the new sensor right now in the market. Phones with this sensor are expected to hit the market shelves next year.

In terms of size of the Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max Sensor, it measures 20 x 30 mm to offer 600 mm2 sensing area for fingerprint recognition. Moreover, the new sensor is as thin as 0.15mm to save the space. Ultimately, the sensor will ensure faster fingerprint authentication because of the boosted size. It will eliminate the need for tapping the sensor over and over.

Furthermore, the 3D Sonic Max sensor use cases provide a secure login to different apps, i.e. of banks or personal emails. We can expect more use cases of the new sensor commercially in 2020.

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