3D Printer best black Friday deal 2018 [HUGE DISCOUNT]

So, that time of the year comes again. The holidays are knocking at the door, just a few more nights and the shopping season is about, to begin with, the event Black Friday. As everyone wants a piece of this event, you shouldn’t waste your time searching on different sites for your printer. We’re keeping track of the best 3D printing deals, which gives you a shortcut to finding the right printer in this holiday season. We choose the best Black Friday deals 2018 on 3D printers, to help you find great discounts.

3d Printer Best Black Friday Deal 2018

We are going to give you info about the best deals and discounts when these savings are announced online or in any advertisement for Black Friday 2018.

1. Alfawise DIY 3D Printer from Gearbest

Gearbest is giving a 30% discount (from $383.76 to $269.99) on this Alfawise 3D printer. If you download the GearBest app, you might save another $2.00.

Alfwise U30 black friday deal 2018

Alfawise U20 is an amazing 3D printer for both professionals and amateurs. It has aluminum alloy construction, and so wear-resistant, and durable. The printer requires less effort and time to assemble. It has a high cost-performance ratio. It is designed for big challenges as it has a large build volume.

The 3D printer has two resume functions which prevent any kind of imperfection and failure due to the power outage and filament run-out. It has touchscreen control and very easy to use. It gives precise printing.

The power outage recovery of the printer functions well when you print more than 0.5mm in height. It is recommended to print again if the height is less than 0.5mm.

Overall, this Alfawise 3D printer is a good deal in this black Friday.

2. Tronxy X5S 3D Printer Kit

Gearbest is giving a 24% discount (from $348.93 to $265.99) on this Tronxy 3D printer.

Tronxy X5S 3D Printer black friday 3d printer deal

This 3D printer includes aluminum structure, double Z-axis design, and industrial chain design which makes it more beautiful and safe. It has a large build volume. It has high performance and stable output.

If you want a base for your own modifications and are a tinkerer, you should have the printer. It gives precise output. It gives high power current source supply.

The sheet of acrylic which is attached to the building mat is flimsy and warped terribly when heated. It has incomplete instructions in the manual. So, you’ll have to figure some stuff out by yourself.

3. Creality3D CR – 10S 3D Printer

Gearbest is giving 22% discount (from $509.97 to $399.99) on this Creality 3D printer.

Creality3D CR – 10S 3D Printer

The printer has a sturdy aluminum frame. It has super large build volume, so, can be used in big projects. To maintain the handmade charms and the garage-built feel, CR – 10S 3D printer is also a build-it-yourself kit.

The printer has an LCD screen and keypad for easy offline use. It supports off-line printing and can print directly with a USB adapter. It supports multiple 3D printing filaments like ABS, TPU etc.

The printer requires less effort and time to assemble. The aluminum plate ensures more stable printing. It has a special function of break out filament detection which continues printing when power-off status is restored.

The bed leveling of the printer is a bit fiddly and doesn’t get exactly leveled.

If you have the budget, you should size the deal in the Black Friday.


We have selected the best Black Friday deals 2018 on 3D printers. These products have limited stock and discounts to a deadline. So, if you want to buy any 3D printer or other product, you have to make hurry. Analyze your demands, budget and depending on that, choose the best deal. We just tried to help you to save your time and effort. Happy shopping. Happy holidays.


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