3D + ESUN Dual Laser High Density 3D Scanner Offered For $766.51

The 3D + ESUN Dual Laser High-Density 3D Scanner offers a diameter drive for consistent detector orientation for in-plane, cross-plane, diagonal, and all other angles throughout the entire 360º circumference. Rotation range of 330º eliminates the need for tank shifts. The 3D SCANNER system supports off-axis scans with this geometry by combining rotation and diameter movements during the measurement.  It is currently available on Gearbest For Just $766.51

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This 3D scanner is quite different in design. It has been developed from the ground up to provide accurate, reproducible beam data in an era of modern treatment modalities and busy clinical staff.

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The geometrical design, setup process, and software have all been developed to improve not only to have an accurate measurement of data but also making it less subjective and more reproducible. Some advantages of this scanner include

Better Data

  • Optimal signal to noise ratio for smoother scans without processing
  • Eliminate user setup subjectivity with AutoSetup and no tank shifts
  • Consistent detector orientation for in-plane, cross-plane, and diagonal scans
  • Searchable database for effective data management and sharing
  • Raw data is always available even if processing applied
  • Every data process layer is saved and accessible
  • Export PDF reports

No Tank Shifts

  • Position tank once
  • 650 mm scan range without moving tank
  • Position detector in any relevant 3D location
  • Consistent detector orientation without repositioning detector

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Main Features

  • Double laser for comprehensive scanning, without dead angle
  • High-density scan: 800 outlines for single laser and 1600 outlines for dual lasers
  • LED light with high brightness
  • Multi-angle splice function to make up for the broken surface
  • Automatic fit and seal surface to produce a more perfect model
  • Measuring function for convenient analysis
  • Laser power: 5mW


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