360 S7 Laser navigation vacuum cleaner now for just $399.99 (Best seller)

360 degree Techno soft is a well-known mobile application development company. This company designed many products with new technology. Now company launch new product 360 S7 laser navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This S7 vacuum cleaner is good for both home, offices.

Coupon code: GB-360S7

Feature & Specification of 360 S7 laser navigation robot vacuum cleaner:

S7 robot vacuum cleaner designed with all new features. This is a sweeper accessories type. Also you can schedule in this vacuum cleaner. This S7 robot vacuum cleaner clean the floors are Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble Floor, Shag Carpet, Tile Floor and Wood Floor. This vacuum cleaner is work on all the carpets. The dust box capacity of the S7 is 550ml and water tank capacity is 150ml.

During work the robot vacuum cleaner do not produce more noise. This produce noise is just <65dB. During work the temperature of the S7 cleaner is 10 to 45 degree Celsius. The working humidity of the vacuum cleaner is 20 to 90 percent. This vacuum cleans via Slam planning. This has three cleaning modes Quiet, Automatic, Max, Max 2000Pa suction.

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360 s7



This is made from ABS material and robot vacuum cleaner control with remote system. This design has climbing capability (20 mm). This automatically identifies areas it should keep away from. This S7 design built with LDS lidar + SLAM Algorithm which is smarter and more efficient cleaning routes planning. This is capable for high coverage with high efficiency. This design has high pass ability.


The display of the S7 robot vacuum cleaner is best thing. When the S7 battery capacity is low then display shows the remaining battery. During work blue and red light displayed. The blue light is the sign of normal work and red light is the sign for error.

360 s7


The 360 S7 working with Remote or Smartphone. You can start cleaning with just one click. This vacuum can do work at any time. This works with the help of battery. The working of the vacuum cleaner is very simple. You also plane working and put vacuum cleaner on automatic mode. This automatically switches to mopping mode once the water tank is installed. During work sweeping supplemented with mopping no water stains on the floor.


The 360 S7 robot vacuum cleaner is built with large battery capacity (3200mAH) than other vacuum cleaners. The power of the S7 is 22.8W and charging time is 3 hours. After one time charge you can work continue 80 – 120 minutes, and the maximum power mode is about 50 minutes. The battery is self-recharging.


The new 360 S7 Laser navigator vacuum cleaner is now available at the great discount from Gearbest. The company has provided the product for the pre-sale and is now available to purchase at just $399.99. Click on the buy now link to buy.

Coupon code: GB-360S7


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