[Coupon] 360 S7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: For Just $376.99

The brand new 360 S7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a laser distance sensor to scan the environment at 360 ° and is predicated on a simultaneous localization and mapping algorithm. It can, for this reason, draw a completely unique map and keep intelligently to successfully cover the surface to be cleaned.

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Buy 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Just at $376.99

The 360 S7 is equipped with the vital to avoid collisions and falls, with a layout that allows it to circumvent boundaries. When the tool creates a map, it’s miles saved in its memory, which could save as much as seven special planes. With cellular software, a user can delimit particular regions of cleaning on a map. There’s also compatibility with Alexa of Amazon.


This robot vacuum has a suction strength of up to 2000 Pa with a valid strength of 65 dB, surprisingly silent for this sort of tool. It identifies mats automatically and will increase its suction strength as a result. It additionally blessings from a mop mode that mechanically engages whilst the water supply is placed. The 360 ?? Robot Vacuum cleanser S7 embeds a battery of 3200 mAh for quite a number one hundred twenty minutes. It comes again to load routinely at its base.

An absolute thieve at this price, the 360 S7 adopts the LDS Lidar and SLAM set of rules for greater efficient cleansing routes making plans. You can manage the regions it sweeps and mops thru APP, or use voice manage through Alexa to offer instructions. Once you installation the water tank, the 360 S7 Laser Navigation robotic Vacuum cleanser mechanically switches to mopping mode. And switches back to sweeping while you put off the tank. It gives three noiseless, yet powerful cleansing modes that produce max 2000Pa suction, max 65dB noise.

At the same time as cleaning carpets, the 360 S7 routinely switches to max mode, which generates a suction strength of 2000Pa for deep cleaning. On pinnacle of that, this option-laden robot vacuum cleanser mechanically goes returned to recharge itself whilst the power drops beneath 20 percentage. You can observe to check out extra details about the 360 S7 Laser Navigation Robotic Vacuum cleaner and avail the cut price. Which is available for the white color choice. With 3 units already sold, the promo is slated to end in nine days.

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Buy 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Just at $376.99

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