360 S7 High-end Vacuum Cleaner Offered at $399.99 [Coupon]

If you don’t have a smart home system, we guess most of the cleaning work is done manually. But the world has switched to smarter products long ago. And now, it’s a sin not to acquire smart home appliances. 360 Mobiles have started its transformation earlier this year. Instead of making smartphones, this company has decided to focus on smart home products. This is the future. 5G will be the core of this system. And though 5G is not mature yet, it doesn’t mean we can’t find smart home cleaning products even now. We are recommending you to take a look at the 360 S7 vacuum cleaner. If you are not aware, this is the third product in the line after the 360 S5 and 360 S6. This cleaner is offered for $459.99. This is quite affordable pricing when taking into account its features. But you can use the coupon (code: GB-360S7) to get your hands on it for $399.99 only.

360 s7

So why we are recommending this vacuum cleaner? If talking about all of its selling points, it would last long. That’s why ware offering to focus only on the most interesting ones. The first and biggest highlight of the 360 S7 is its ability of smart mapping. Due to the LDS Lidar and collision sensors, this vacuum cleaner draws the maps of the space you required to clean. Like the top-end products, it also uses SLAM algorithm to plan the cleaning routes. These two also help the cleaner to remember where it has been stopped before going to recharging.

The second selling point of the 360 S7 is its software support. By this term, we mean it can work with voice assistants, especially Alexa. What’s more demanded, our protagonist supports mobile app. Thus, you can use your smartphone to fully control the cleaner and see reports about the work done.

Among the rest of the noteworthy features, we can mention the noise-less performance (?65dB), automatic switching between mopping and sweeping, better obstacles climbing ability (2cm), max 2000Pa suction power, long-lasting performance on a single charge (80-100m2), and many more.

For us, the Roborock S50 has been considered to be the best product on the market due to the price over performance ratio. But the 360 S7 doesn’t yield it at all.

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