360 S6 Sweeping Robot Review: Useful and Not Expensive

We are living at the time when people make various machines to make their life easier. Of course, smart products have invaded our lives for a long time. But this era stands out due to the autonomy of those products. There is no need to command the machines. There is no need to manipulate them. Now they have the ability to learn. They can achieve the expected look without our intervention. The machines not only help us solve a lot of trivial things in the past but also make people get rid of the fragmentation time. In the past, we needed to wipe the floor ourselves, slowly mopping the floor, and cleaning up the dirty things after sweating. Now, we can do it with just one sweeping robot. And even if you are away from home, these things can be safely handed over to them. Honestly, we have reviewed tons of robot cleaners. And we know which of them deserves your money. The truth is the market is full of various models, and most of them worth to buy. But when 360 Mobiles announced its first product for this niche, we were pleasantly surprised. This company has been mainly focusing on smartphones. But recently it announced a few products for other markets as well. This brand has also launched a router as well as a sweeping robot. And now we are going to take a closer look at its features. The 360 S6 sweeping robot is not just a regular cleaner for a lazy family but for people who need to save time.

360 S6 Sweeping Robot Design Parameters

  • Size: 35cm x 35cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Maximum height: 10cm
  • Dust box capacity: 0.4L
  • Cleaning area: 200m2
  • Maximum suction: 1800pa
  • Battery capacity: 14.8V/3200mAh
  • Lithium battery lifetime: 2 hours
  • Rated voltage: 14.8V
  • Rated power: 30W
  • Collision protection: mechanical + electronic double-layer protection
  • Additional functions: virtual wall, timed reservation, automatic recharge, etc.

360 S6 Sweeping Robot Design

At first glance, the 360 S6 sweeping robot is similar in appearance to other products available on the market. It uses a disc-shaped low profile with a simple white-gray combination (the black version is not available yet) and the conspicuous logo, indicating the product brand. Though there is no such thing as “Maverick” in Dyson’s style, this design is easy to integrate into the home life. As the first sweeping robot product of 360 Mobiles, we should state the company didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. The design is very simple and attractive at the same time.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

On the other hand, the 360 S6 sweeping robot differs in some details.

The eye-catching LDS laser radar is able to rotate at 6 RV/s to create a high-precision map of the surrounding environment. Surprisingly, after cleaning, it can also save the map for the next sweep. We will talk about this later.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

There are not many buttons on the front side. The OPEN in the middle is the dust box switch. When the dust box is pressed, it pops up immediately. The dust box has a capacity of 0.4L and consists of a three-layer filter. It has a primary filter, a sponge filter, and a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter supports water washing. So it can be reused in the future, which saves some money on consumables.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

The other two round buttons on the fuselage represent the recharge/partial cleaning, start cleaning/switching function, and the function switching is realized by a short press and long press, respectively. Maybe you have to learn these functions when using for the first time. But then it will be easier to use.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

On the bottom, there are three anti-drop sensors (to prevent falling off the stairs), two dusting brushes, the main brush, and a very significant tank assembly installation area, which has a household cleaning function for cleaning + mopping. Of course, you can also use the sweeping function instead of the mapping function.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

Since the maximum height of the fuselage is 10cm, the 360 S6 sweeping robot has the ability to clean almost all kinds of floors, such as under the sofa.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

360 S6 Sweeping Robot Cleaning Performance

No matter what kind of a sweeping robot we are dealing with, when we use it, we focus on the one feature: How does it clean? Can it clean thoroughly? Does it do its work in an optimal time? These questions are actual for the 360 S6 sweeping robot as well.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

The 360 S6 sweeping robot adopts NIDEC Nissan imported wind turbines. There are three gears- an 800pa silent gear, a 1300pa~1500pa standard gear, and a 1800pa strong gear. Different gears should meet different needs.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

Actually, most of the daily cleaning can be handled with the standard mode. When cleaning, it can be switched to a larger suction depending on whether there is a carpet. If you need to clean a very dirty room, the strong mode is a good choice. Not all robot cleaners support 1800pa suction. So our protagonist has an advantage in comparison to many models when taking into consideration its price tag.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

The next selling point of any robot cleaner is the ability to make the map of the room for the most optimum cleaning. This is actually the ‘brain power’ of the sweeping robot. As for the 360 S6 sweeping robot, in the first step, the room is scanned by the LDS LIDAR and ‘positioned.’ The second step is to cooperate with the infrared sensor and the SLAM algorithm to ‘build the map.’ The third part begins to plan the path and clean it up. Moreover, due to the LiDAR SLAM algorithms, it avoids obstacles during the operation easily. This not only protects itself but also preventing from damaging the furniture.  By the way, LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, while SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

After confirming the map, the 360 S6 sweeping robot will perform a planned cleaning of the room. One interesting point is that the 360 S6 sweeping robot’s SLAM technology comes from 360’s self-driving car team. Cars and sweeping robot seem to be far away from each other. But they use similar principles.

In actual experience, it takes 15 minutes to clean a room of about 8m2.

In addition, in the case of low battery, it can automatically return to the charging base to charge, and then continue to clean from the point where it paused the cleaning. The S6 360 Sweeping Robot is capable of cleaning up to 200 square meters in 2 hours on a single charge.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

This sweeping robot supports remote control via the APP, like other models. And we have to state the functions offered by the APP are impressive. In the APP, you can not only control the working mode of the sweeping robot, the working area, the positioning of the robot but also the record the cleaning data and monitor the service life of the consumables. More importantly, you can also set virtual walls to restrict cleaning for certain areas. By the way, it supports two kinds of cleaning – it can sweep the floor or remove dust.

360 S6 Sweeping Robots

What we liked more is that the sweeping robot won’t scan the room and make the map when cleaning a certain room for the second time. It directly displays the previous map. However, if there are some new objects or the old ones were moved, the 360 S6 sweeping robot will re-scan the room.

The Bottom Line

When summarizing the impressions got from the 360 S6 sweeping robot, we can say just one sentence ‘useful and not expensive.’ On the one hand, this robot cleaner easily meets the daily needs in cleaning. And on the other hand, there are various operations that can be implemented through the APP, making it way easier to control this cleaner.

Compared with other products in the same category on the market, the 360 S6 sweeping robot is way more affordable, and the choice is more diversified for users. Of course, it doesn’t come with subsequent planning, voice control support, and other functions. But this product is quite capable to compete with the Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One and iLife robot cleaners. The emergence of the 360 S6 sweeping robot has indeed made the market choose to be closer to the people and diversified.


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  1. is it’s app in english too or not> i am interested in buying it..very affordable considering its specs vs competitors ..

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