360 S6 Sweeping Robot Available at $339.99

The robotic vacuum cleaners or so-called robovacs have been made to make our lives easier. No need to command them or manipulate them. Now they do everything themselves. Now they not only help us solve a lot of trivial things but also make people get rid of the fragmentation time. Say, in the past, we have had to wipe the floor ourselves, slowly mopping the floor, and cleaning up the dirty things after sweating. Now, this can be done by the robotic vacuum cleaners, and we even may not be aware of it. However, the market is full of various models, and most of them worth to buy. The 360 S6 smart cleaner is one of them, for sure. It is currently available for a discounted price tag of $339.99.

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At first glance, the 360 S6 sweeping robot uses a disc-shaped design with a simple white-gray combination. There is an LDS laser radar, which is able to rotate at 6 RV/s to create a high-precision map of the surrounding environment. Moreover, after cleaning, it can also save the map for the next sweep. The cleaner doesn’t carry too many buttons on the top. Through the OPEN button, we can remove the dust box, which has a capacity of 0.4L and consists of a three-layer filter. They are the primary filter, a sponge filter, and a HEPA filter. As you guess, the HEPA filter supports water washing. The other two round buttons on the fuselage represent the recharge/partial cleaning, start cleaning/switching function, and the function switching is realized by a short press and long press, respectively.

360 S6 Sweeping Robot

When flipping the robot over, we can see the three anti-drop sensors (to prevent falling off the stairs), two dusting brushes, the main brush, and a very significant tank assembly installation area, which has a household cleaning function for cleaning + mopping.

The 360 S6 sweeping robot adopts the NIDEC Nissan imported wind turbines. There are three gears- an 800pa silent gear, a 1300pa~1500pa standard gear, and a 1800pa strong gear. Different gears should meet different needs. But most of the daily cleaning can be handled with the standard mode. When cleaning, it can be switched to a larger suction depending on whether there is a carpet. If you need to clean a very dirty room, the strong mode is a good choice.

360 S6 Sweeping Robot

As we said above, one of the biggest selling points of the 360 S6 is the ability to make the map of the room for the most optimum cleaning. This is actually the ‘brain power’ of the sweeping robot. In the first step, the room is scanned by the LDS LIDAR and ‘positioned.’ The second step is to cooperate with the infrared sensor and the SLAM algorithm to ‘build the map.’ The third part begins to plan the path and clean it up. Moreover, due to the LiDAR SLAM algorithms, it avoids obstacles during the operation easily. This not only protects itself but also preventing from damaging the furniture.  By the way, LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, while SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. In actual experience, it takes 15 minutes to clean a room of about 8m2. The 360 S6 is capable of cleaning up to 200 square meters in 2 hours on a single charge. When the power is low, it will turn to the charging dock automatically.

360 S6 Sweeping Robot

The 360 S6 supports remote control via the APP, the functions of which are impressive. In the APP, you can not only control the working mode of the sweeping robot, the working area, the positioning of the robot but also the record the cleaning data and monitor the service life of the consumables. More importantly, you can also set virtual walls to restrict cleaning for certain areas.


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