360 S5 Smart Robot vacuum cleaner for just $299.99

360 S5 Robot vacuum cleaner is now available for purchase.

A high tech and the intelligent product from 360 is a smart home ecosystem. Before this also 360 has come up with the S6 vacuum cleaner. Now again the 360 have made it easy for the house cleaning purposes.

This new vacuum cleaner is affordable and very helpful in the house. Like by purchasing this new vacuum cleaner you will not have to worry about any type of debris on the floor which will allow you to walk bare feet on the floor.

Features of 360 S5:

The new feature of the new 360 S5 is that it will give you the eligibility to scan all the surroundings from 360 angles with the Laser distance sensor technology. The best part is that it can scan for 2160 times per second and mop your house in the minutes. The technology of SLAM (Simultaneously locating and Mapping) will help the gadget to find the most effective way to clean the house.  The new technology that comes in this is that you get eligibility of climbing for 2.5cm.

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Application remote control:

In this new 360 S5 vacuum cleaner you will get an application which will help you to control the vacuum cleaner and you can switch on and remotely control the robot. Also, you get an option to change the modes of cleaning and schedule the time when you need the vacuum cleaner to work.

Battery and charging:

The new 360 S5 vacuum cleaner has a Li-ion battery of 2600mAh. You can use the vacuum cleaner for continuously for around 75-110 minutes. Vacuum cleaner takes around 180 minutes to fully charge it. The best part is that you will not have to pick up the vacuum cleaner and charge it. The vacuum cleaner charges automatically when required.

 In addition, it is easy to prevent it from entering the forbidden areas. The 360 vacuum cleaner smartly detects its boundaries and you can operate it via a mobile app. Further, it works smartly without damaging your furniture. It has multiple sensors to detect your furniture and pass neatly around the furniture.

360 S5


Gearbest is providing the new 360 S5 vacuum cleaner with 23% discount. You can now buy this new technology vacuum cleaner at the best price. Now you can buy this vacuum cleaner for just $299.99 with just a click on the link provided below.


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