Grab 360 S5 Vacuum Cleaner: Smart Robot With LDS Lidar Sensor For Just $299.99

The manufacturer 360 Mobiles is known per se as a producer of smartphones but now wants to establish itself on the vacuum robot market. This is done using the latest achievements and technologies that household robots can bring. This could already be seen on the 360 S6 reviews in this site. With the 360 S5 Vacuum Cleaner, 360 Mobiles wants to build on the success of the first model and build (purely visually) very close to the Xiaomi models.

Buy 360 S5 Vacuum Cleaner For Just $299.99


Talking about design, we would dicuss about The Main brush hair anti-entanglement design, Extra-long side brush, Composite material mop, High-precision washable filter, 180° wide-angle charging dock and Frequency conversion energy saving which can all be gotten from the cleaner. The 360 S5 vacuum cleaner is embedded with extra-long brushes on both sides which can clean larger areas and farther corners. The nylon brush bristles, which were imported from Germany and perfected, are more durable and designed to take care of the floor. The ultra-long brush body makes the cleaning more efficient without any unreachable areas. The hair isolation bundle, located between the side brush and the side wall, rotates with the side brush. This will not only prevent hair entanglement to the vacuum but also makes it easier to collect hair.

The smallest design details have been considered too. For example, there’s a brush stored under the top cover with a sharp blade built right into it, which can be used to easily cut hair and fiber from the main brush to keep it cleaning effectively without messing around with scissors or sharp points. The supplied filters are washable and everything is easy to access, meaning it’s simple to keep this robot in tip-top shape and cleaning efficiently.

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A brisk multilingual search engine survey led to no result, except for an AliExpress offer. In fact, it does not seem to be a fake, although browsing through China stores is not necessarily a rarity. But because the vacuum robot can be selected in the 360 Smart apps (Android, iOS ), the robot obviously exists. And looks like a mix of 360 S6 and Roborock S50.

Why it is so difficult to say what the S5 is about is also because the specifications are the same as the S6. To go into it in detail now would not make much sense, because (until there is more information) would be just repetition. Accordingly, I put you the test article for the 360 ??S6 close. The laser distance sensor (LDS), with which the vacuum robot measures the premises and creates a map of the four walls, has moved from the back to the center on the top. Thus, the two controls were placed on top of each other, the functions have remained the same.

24 precise sensors, smart systems, and anti-collision sensors all work together to prevent furniture and wall damage, anti-drop sensors prevent a vacuum from falling down stairs. The S5 360 robot vacuum cleaner climbs uneven surface such as high pile carpets and can automatically increase suction for deep cleaning when it senses carpets or rugs.

Wash the filter directly with water. It can maintain 95% filtration performance even after one year of washing and avoid air re-contamination. Moreover, the washable filter can filter household dust, pet dander, mold spores and plant pollens giving you a healthy and allergy free household.

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Verdict & Price

If you’ve never heard about Roborock then, well, now’s the time to listen. The S5 is an affordable, capable and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that does as good a job as bots that cost twice the price. 360 S5 Vacuum Cleaner is now avaialble on Gearbest For Just at $299.99 On Flash Sale, Click the following Button For order it now:

Buy 360 S5 Vacuum Cleaner For Just $299.99

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