Cube i7 Tablet PC Supporting Stylus and Docking Keyboard Offered at $303.99

If you are looking for a new laptop, but you’re broken, here is one the best laptop deals you can look at. The Cube i7 laptop is one of the most budget-friendly tablet PCs that won’t break the bank. It is regularly priced at around $325. Do not be confused of the name this device comes at – it is not packed with an i7 CPU, but there is an Intel-made processor. Anyway, here is a coupon (code: WindowsareaGB) allowing you to get acquire this product for a lower price tag than others – $303.99. But let’s take a glance at the specs list of the Cube i7 to understand what we will get for this money.

Cube i7

The Cube i7 is a 2 in 1 tablet PC running on Windows 10. Unlike other similar products this model doesn’t come with dual-boot option, but as it is powered with the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, I think you have no reason to think about anything. It is also equipped with a 10.6-inch Full HD touchscreen that can be also used via a stylus. The manufacturer has powered it with an Intel Core M processor clocked at 1GHz and paired with a 4GB of RAM, 64GB of ROM and Intel HD Graphics 5300 graphics processor clocked at 850MHz. Two cameras at 5MP and 2MP modules are on the back and front, respectively. And finally there is a 4500mAh battery providing a long lasting life for your tablet PC.

Like other 10-inch tablet PC such as the Microsoft Surface, the Cube i7 can turn into a stylish and full-functional ultrabook once a keyboard is installed. There are also a decent list of connectivity options, so you can connect other peripherals for better experience.

The Cube i7 really looks amazing, and though it’s considered as a mid-range (or low-end, if you prefer) tablet PC, this device can help you implement most of your daily jobs. So $304 is a great price if taking into account its multi-functional nature.


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