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3 Useful Xiaomi Car Vehicle Intelligent Products Recommendation (Coupon included)

Xiaomi Mi Ecosystem products have been involved in various fields, from ordinary smart home products, daily essential products to the vehicle intelligent products. And almost all of the Mi’s products have great design, craftsmanship, function. High quality, high cost-performance always makes mi products stand out from similar products.

Now, there is a great coupon for vehicle intelligent products, let’s know more about them.

3 Useful Xiaomi Car Vehicle Intelligent Products Recommendation (Coupon included?

XIAOMI 70mai QI Certification Car Fast Wireless Charger Phone Holder


XIAOMI 70mai MiDrive PB01 QI Certification Car Phone Holder is a 2-in-1 in-car phone holder and wireless charger. It is intelligent to solve the unstable voltage damage, cable problems in the car. With the Wireless charging function, it supposes the Xiaomi, Huawei?sangsumg smartphone and iPhone, putting the mobile phone on it then it will charge by the gravity linkage.

Safety and fast charging without damage mobile?intelligent chip combination can identify the phone model made of built-in coil induction so it only used for the phone. Support android 10W fast charging, support iOS 7.5W fast car charging. Putting on the mobile then starting charging by the gravity linkage locking. Fast charging with stable GPS Navigation?freely using the GPS Navigation when charging in the car with phone holder free your hands. Now, it only sells 19.99 on Banggood. Click to know more.

Buy XIAOMI 70mai MiDrive PB01 QI Certification Wireless Charger Car Phone Holder on Banggood


XIAOMI COOWOO T200 360 Degree Rotation Gravity Car Phone Holder

This is another Xiaomi car phone holder, car gravity phone holder T200. the T200 is newly upgraded, allowing you to put your phone on the car and then perceptual the weight of the phone and automatically clamp it. It doesn’t block the sight of the car and operates with one hand?making it easy to fix the phone.

The inside of the three metal clamp arms is made of thick environmental protection silicone pad. The triangle surrounds the mobile phone to increase the friction, strengthen the buffer, prevent the mobile phone from falling scratching, even the bare mobile phone can be stably held and anti-bump. When the mobile phone is lowered, the metal arm can be automatically contracted with the hem of the two sides, which can automatically stabilize the mobile phone. When the mobile phone is removed, the mobile phone can be removed directly, and the operation can be performed with one hand.

What’s more, This bracket is suitable for the air outlet of a non-universal shaft type car. The air outlet leaf needs to be flat, without obstruction, easy to be clamped and fixed. Now it sells only $ 14.07 with coupon code: BgAutoDeals. Click to know more.

Buy XIAOMI COOWOO T200 360 Degree Rotation Gravity Car Phone Holder on Banggood with Great Coupon: BgAutoDeals


XIAOMI Guildford Car Air Freshener 

Car air freshener, also known as “environmental perfume”, is the most common method to purify the air environment inside the car and improve air quality. The odor removal inside is just to cover up the odor with a pleasing fragrance, the air freshener has become a driver friend to purify the air inside the car.

Look at the following picture, the fashionable and cool product with Luxurious metal design is the XIAOMI Guildford Car Air Freshener. It comes with three pieces of fragrance sticks, extracted from natural plant, safety and no alcohol, suitable for women and children.

Continuous fragrance effectively removes odor and purify the air.  This Car Air Freshener is also the Solid Perfume Diffuser Purifier Air-con Vent Fragrance. There are three  Fragrance Flavors including Lemon. Olive, Orange. Easy installation, one-hand operation. It can simply put on the air vent of the car and doesn’t hurt the vent for the mini size.

what’s more, with the Front right-to-left switch, it is easy to use. controllable fragrance, each fragrance stick can last 30 days. Now it sells only $ 14.31 with coupon code: BgAutoDeals. Click to know more.

Buy XIAOMI Guildford Car Air Freshener Solid Perfume Diffuser Purifier Air-con Vent Fragrance with Great Coupon: BgAutoDeals

Of course, there are many Xiaomi vehicle intelligent products selling on, you can learn more about them here.

Buy Xiaomi Vehicle Intelligent Products on


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