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Get The Best Out Of Any Xiaomi Smartphone!

Even though Xiaomi might be slow in providing software updates outside China, yet one can’t deny the fact that the Customized Android UI ‘MIUI’ is much better, smoother, and the fastest UI on the Android market. While other manufacturers abandon updates when it comes to the one year older versions, Xiaomi never leaves even if it’s a 2 years old flagship. Even with the outdated hardware, Xiaomi phones run smoothly. However, to run games, apps, and videos more smoothly, we have the top tricks to improve the smoothness of any Xiaomi smartphone, even if it’s 3 years old Redmi 2, by utilizing the best out of the hardware.

3 Tricks To Improve Smoothness of Any Xiaomi Smartphone – Let’s Get Started

Specifically, there are three developer options that can improve hardware utilization: “force GPU rendering”, “force enable 4x MSAA”, and “deactivate HW overlay”.

Note: These features can decrease the battery life of the smartphone. It is better to enable these features on Xiaomi smartphones with high battery life. Recommended: Xiaomi Mi Max series, Redmi Note series, Mi A series.


Go to developers options >> Turn On Force GPU rendering >> Turn On Force 4x MSAA >> Disable HW Overlay

3 Tricks To Improve Smoothness of Any Xiaomi Smartphone
Image Source: MIUI Forum

1)  Force GPU rendering

The GPU is much better and more efficient than the CPU in graphics processing. So, the application interface that is forced to render through the GPU will be smoother than that of CPU and the program will be better optimized when it runs. After forcing the GPU to render, as long as the button is turned on, MIUI will use the interface of the GPU rendering application uniformly, making full use of the GPU and reducing the burden on the CPU. Hence, the mobile phone as a whole will become smoother.

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2) Always Enable 4x MSAA

Second on our list of Tricks To Improve Smoothness of Any Xiaomi Smartphone is MSAA (Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing) which is 4 times the standard anti-aliasing technology. More simply, it is to improve the image display and reduce those irregular borders in an image, video, or more specifically, the games.

When this function is enabled, it can effectively improve the quality of the picture, make the characters and items in the game softer and smoother, and improve the overall visual experience. The first picture below shows that the anti-aliasing effect is not turned on.

3 Tricks To Improve Smoothness of Any Xiaomi Smartphone - 4X MSSA Turned Off
Tricks To Improve Smoothness of Any Xiaomi Smartphone – Force 4X MSAA When Turned Off (Default)

And the second one is the image when 4x MSAA is enabled. Take the lower edge of the photo frame on the left wall and the lamp post as an example.

3 Tricks To Improve Smoothness of Any Xiaomi Smartphone - 4X MSSA Turned On
Tricks To Improve Smoothness of Any Xiaomi Smartphone – Force 4X MSAA When Turned On

3) Disable the HW overlay

HW here means hardware acceleration. Overlay means using the CPU for auxiliary operations, instead of just using the GPU for all rendering work.

Because simply using the GPU for rendering is relatively more expensive, the default option we have is to open the HW overlay, which can effectively avoid the high power consumption caused by hardware acceleration, and also improve the smoothness of the mobile phone, performance and power consumption.

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But if you have previously turned on “force GPU rendering”, you need to disable the HW overlay to take full advantage of the GPU. The only downside is that it may bring an increase in power consumption. A much better option for Xiaomi smartphones with incredible battery life such as the Mi Max series, or Redmi Note series.

Hope your Xiaomi smartphone will run much smoother. For more tricks and tips regarding Xiaomi smartphone, stay tuned!



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