3 Smartmi Products That You Should Acquire This Summer

Xiaomi has a new super brand day. But this time it is promoting one of its sub-brands, SmartMi. This brand has a number of great home appliances. And we decided to take a look at a few of them.

smartmi smart toilet seat

The Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat is the first product that this brand has been involved in in the sanitary field. It has the functions and first-class workmanship of mainstream products on the market and has a stronger advantage in price.

There is a special ceramic heating element that heats the cold water and supplies a hot water within seconds. So it provides a bidet-like experience without any additional tubes or heating systems. Moreover, the water temperature doesn’t change even if using this feature continually. The Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat is capable of customizing your optimum water temperature, seat temperature, and washing pressure depending on the way you sit. There are sensors inserted into the toilet seat that ‘understand’ you have sit. So they automatically turn down the temperature to avoid burning your skin.

Read more about the Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat here.


The Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier was launched months ago. It comes with a 4L large capacity tank, which moisturizes all night even when on top gear operation, applying the natural evaporation principle to humidify.

The device comes with a very convenient water flooding. Its capacitance water level sensor detects the water level automatically and the panel water level lamps show the water level. Even at the lowest water level, it can still continue to run for 8 hours and evaporate water automatically to avoid the smell of water remains.

Read more about the Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air here.

Smartmi dc floor fan

The last product we want to pay attention to is the Smartmi DC floor fan, which adopts a premium design. It comes with an innovative fan blade that can distribute the airflow evenly and densely. The deflection design of the fan cover is different from the spiral airflow of conventional fans, as the new fan-shaped design decreases air friction and provides a perfect wind of relaxation.

Due to the fact that the wind is unpredictable, Smartmi engineers worked extensively on this fan and analyzed flow data about natural wind. It has a ‘variable wind speed.’ It is able to operate with a stable wide wind speed, which covers a certain broad area and, finally, offers a centered airflow, suitable for those who need concentrated natural air after a long and hectic day. You can control the smart fan through an application since it supports WiFi connection.


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