Meizu Has Granted mBack Patent

Like many other manufacturers Meizu can’t avoid patent wars. As you remember a few months ago Qualcomm took legal action against Meizu. Probably this and other similar cases have made Meizu to protect its right by getting patent its innovations. One of such patents referring to mBack is now official and belongs to Meizu. I guess this is a huge step forward to prove all the competitors Chinese smartphones makers are able to create something new, and no matter they are top brands or not.

meizu mback

Those who are familiar with Meizu should know there are a number of innovations coming our way from this company. Among them are SmartBar ToolBar, mTouch for fingerprint identification, mCharge for very fast charging and mBack for going back to previous page. So the latter has been finally patented according to the statement made by State Intellectual Property Office.

The announcement reveals almost all the details referring to mBack such as when the patent was granted (June 28, 2012), who the inventor is (Huáng Zh?ng, Meizu CEO), the patent number (2012800726455) and the classification of it (invention patents). Moreover, there is the detailed description what mBack perform.

mBack offers four operations you can implement for faster and more comfortable use of your Meizu smartphone. First, it works as a fingerprint identifier to unlock the phone. You just have to hold your finger on the home button for a couple of seconds and the app will unlock it. Second, you can tap the home button and it will get your to previous page. Do this as many times as you want until to get the home screen. Third, you can press it to go to home page. And a long press will lock the phone back. Say it amazing? So waiting for the other patents granted soon.

mback patent


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