Viomi presents the 21Face fridge, Artificial Intelligence and interconnectivity for your home

The sub-brand of Xiaomi for household items, Viomi, introduced the 21Face fridge, a large refrigerator with interconnectivity capabilities, intelligent access and a large catalog of features.

The 21Face fridge has a capacity of 450L in total, being a refrigerator with a stylized and minimalist design, typical of the philosophy of Xiaomi products. One of the main highlights it’s the 21-inch screen on one of its doors, which can be used to view and manipulate a large amount of information such as multimedia content, notes, emails, shipments, lists and much more.

The refrigerator has an engine designed to make no noise, with a power of 38dB which will ensure the circulation of air throughout the refrigerator space optimally and efficiently.

Viomi presents a product designed for intelligent life, the 21Face fridge has arrived

Nevera 21Face Diseño

The fridge has Wi-Fi support and connectivity through a mobile app, from where you can control different options such as the temperature of the fridge and freezer or program operating states of the device.

Nevera 21Face Aplicación

In addition, the 21Face fridge has Artificial Intelligence, which will provide relevant information on the operation of the product, in addition to answering questions to the user thanks to its AI configuration.

The price of the Viomi 21Face fridge is $900, which is about 770 euros, but due to its size and weight, it is currently not available outside the Chinese market, although we expect to see it reach the international market due to the excellent features that this product has.

Source: xiaomi4mi

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