ACEFAST A45 PD65W Wall Charger Review: Comes with Transparent Design

As our dependency on digital devices grows, the clutter of multiple chargers has become an irksome reality. With the need for a reliable, compact, and efficient charging solution ever more pressing, the market has witnessed a surge in the demand for multi-port chargers. Recognizing this demand, ACEFAST, a prominent consumer electronics brand under the umbrella of Shenzhen Houshuxia Technology Co., Ltd, has unveiled its latest innovation – the A45 PD65W GaN3 Charger.

Engineered to cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers, the ACEFAST A45 PD65W charger is not just a mere power supply, but a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek design. With its unique double-layer shell design, incorporating both transparency and style, the charger boasts not only an appealing aesthetic but also an impressive interior, featuring the state-of-the-art BiEiwei KP2202 power supply. A glimpse through the transparent shell reveals the robustness of its main control chips and other essential components, solidifying its status as a truly high-performance device.

In this review, we delve deep into the features, functionality, and overall performance of the ACEFAST A45 PD65W GaN3 charger, evaluating its compatibility, charging speed, and safety measures to determine whether it stands up to the promise of delivering an optimal charging experience for the contemporary tech-savvy user.

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The ACEFAST A45 PD65W charger comes in a stunning array of four striking colors: Purple Alfalfa, Mountain Mist, Cherry Blossom, and Mica Gray. We were fortunate enough to receive the captivating black model, radiating an understated yet alluring charm. Not only is the charger itself exquisitely crafted and visually appealing, but the accompanying packaging box is also a testament to the brand’s commitment to luxury and elegance.

The packaging box of the ACEFAST A45 PD65W charger is designed with a matte texture in glazed colors. The ACEFAST brand, charger appearance, name, model, and GaN3 logo are printed on the front, and the two features of intelligent shunt technology and AI intelligent temperature control technology 2.0 are printed below. The upper part of the back of the packaging box is printed with a schematic diagram of the simultaneous output of multiple ports, and the lower part is printed with basic product information and company information.

The relevant parameter information is printed in the table on the side of the packaging box. The other side of the box is printed with the nine-layer protection mechanism and the charging protocol supported by the USB port, which will be verified by actual testing below.

Take out all the items in the package, except for the ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger, it also comes with an instruction manual and product brochure.


The ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger adopts a double-shell design. The inner black shell has hollows on both sides and the output end, and the outer shell is a transparent glossy shell. The whole thing is crystal clear, giving people a very delicate feeling. The integrated transparent shell has a smooth transition and feels as warm as jade; and you can see the thickened transparent shell with Higher light transmittance, high transparency, scratch resistance, and wear resistance. The inner shell on the front of the fuselage is designed with GaN and lightning logos, which intuitively indicates that this is a gallium nitride charger.

The ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger boasts a striking design! featuring transparent compartments in its top, bottom, and output panels. This unique architectural choice offers users a rare glimpse into the intricate inner workings of the charger! showcasing its robust and sophisticated build. Through the transparent casing, one can easily discern the various chips, capacitors! and other vital components seamlessly integrated within. Notably, the PCB proudly displays the ACEFAST brand logo, elegantly silk-screened onto one side! complementing the BiMicro KP2202 main control chip. The top hatch provides a clear view of the two TBM810 rectifier bridge chips, enhancing the charger’s aesthetic appeal with a distinct blend of cutting-edge technology and visual elegance.

Similarly, components such as internal coils and capacitors can be seen on the transparent hatch of the output panel; the output panel is comes with three 2x Type-C and 1x Type-A USB ports! and the name of the USB-C port is engraved on it. The USB-C port female port rubber core is orange-red; the USB-A port female port rubber core is purple and has widened PIN pins on both sides, which can pass large currents.

The input panel is printed with detailed parameter inscriptions on the charger! which are consistent with the packaging box, so I won’t go into too much detail. The length of the ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger is approximately 60.16mm. The height of the charger is approximately 55.28mm. The thickness is about 34.03mm, and the volume is about 113.17cm³. Calculated based on the charger’s power of 65W, the power density is about 0.57W/cm³. However, it has a thickened transparent shell design, and the actual density value is higher. The weighs approximately 141.6g.

The products have passed CCC, PSE, CE, FCC, RoHS, and other certifications, and customers can choose according to their needs. The charger I got comes with the EU Plug,  and it’s convenient for travel and storage and does not easily scratch the casing of other products. When placed in the palm of the hand, the charger is about the same size as the palm of an adult man, making it relatively compact.

ACEFAST C6-03 Display Cable (100W)

ACEFAST C6-03 USB-C to USB-C 100W Display Cable, boasting a generous length of 1.8m/6ft, is a prime example of top-notch craftsmanship. Despite its impeccable quality, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this cable isn’t bundled with the A45 PD65W Wall Charger. The absence of this cable in the PD65W package could potentially prompt users to consider acquiring it separately.

The ACEFAST C6-03 Display Cable (100W) is a robust and high-performance charging and data transfer solution! boasting a maximum current of 5A and a length of 2.0m, making it an ideal option for efficient and reliable power delivery. Weighing just 64g, it offers portability without compromising on durability. The cable tie, accented with a silver ACEFAST logo, enhances its convenience and aesthetic appeal, ensuring easy management and organization. Its construction from a blend of Zinc alloy, TPE, and woven braid not only contributes to its lightweight design but also ensures remarkable sturdiness, enduring up to 30,000 bending tests.

Furthermore, the ACEFAST C6-03 Display Cable stands out with its impressive array of features. With compatibility with a 100W charger, it guarantees an output that can reach the same wattage! offering rapid and efficient charging. The integration of an LED digital display provides real-time monitoring of the charging power! granting users precise insights into the device’s charging status. Additionally, its built-in E-marker chip adds a layer of intelligence, adeptly adjusting the current and voltage to maintain a stable power flow! thereby safeguarding connected devices from power fluctuations and potential damage.

Protocol Testing

Besides indicating the supported protocols, it is imperative to test the actual fast charging protocol of the charger. This enables users to pair the output device with the specific protocol to achieve an optimized fast charging experience.

Based on the analysis conducted using POWER-Z KM003C, the USB-C1 port was found to be compatible with a wide range of charging protocols, including FCP, SCP, AFC, QC3.0, MTK, DCP, Apple 2.4A, QC5, PD3.0, and PPS.

In terms of Power Delivery Object (PDO) messages, the USB-C1 port was observed to offer five sets of fixed voltage levels: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, and 20V3.25A, along with a set of Programmable Power Supply (PPS) voltage levels ranging from 3.3V to 21V at 3A.

Similar results were obtained for the USB-C2 port, as determined by the POWER-Z KM003C! which supports charging protocols like MTK, DCP, Apple 2.4A, QC5, PD3.0, and PPS.

The PDO messages for this port align with those of the USB-C1 port.

Furthermore, the USB-A port, as measured using POWER-Z KM003C, is capable of supporting FCP, SCP, AFC, QC3.0, MTK, DCP, SFCP, and other relevant charging protocols.

Charging Performance

In the following section, we will delve into the firsthand experience of utilizing the ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger. Through an in-depth analysis encompassing charging compatibility assessments, exhaustive charging trials! and meticulous standby power consumption evaluations! we aim to offer a comprehensive overview of the charger’s performance and capabilities.

The ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger contains three interfaces, 2x Type-C, and 1x Type-A USB Ports. The measured power of the two interfaces Type-C1/C2 is consistent. The maximum power of the single Type-C port is 65W and the Type-A USB port is 20W. The compatibility test link clearly shows that To know whether the charger is compatible with fast charging for mobile phones, dozens of different models will be tested this time. Let’s take a look at the specific fast-charging support of the two interfaces.

USB Type-C Port

the Xiaomi 11 smartphone was seamlessly connected to the ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger! with the POWER-Z KM003C tester indicating a power reading of 8.33V-3.06A-25.51W. Notably, the device’s screen displayed a reassuring confirmation of a successful handshake with the PD protocol, emphasizing the effective and reliable compatibility between the two technologies. Similarly, during the assessment, the iPad Pro exhibited a seamless interaction with the same ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger! yielding a power output of 14.72V-2.24A-32.96W as noted by the POWER-Z KM003C tester. Impressively, the iPad Pro also seamlessly integrated with the PD protocol, emphasizing its commendable adaptability and robust performance in conjunction with the charger.

USB Type-A Port

When connect the Xiaomi 11 with the ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger! the POWER-Z KM003C tester registered a power output of 8.71V and 1.87A! resulting in a total power delivery of 16.29W. Notably, the connection seamlessly established compatibility with the QC3.0 protocol, demonstrating the efficient communication and synchronization between the devices.

Multi-Port Charging Test

The ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger is divided into three interfaces, 2x Type-C, and 1x Type-A USB Port. The maximum power of the single-port C port is 65W, and the A port is 20W. The distribution situation in an extreme multi-port output environment needs to be actually tested.

In a scenario where dual ports are simultaneously outputting! the power distribution is as follows: USB-C1/2 is capable of delivering 43.54W and 19.1W respectively. Additionally, when both USB-C1 and USB-A ports are concurrently engaged, the power outputs are 43.56W and 16.46W respectively. Extending the configuration to three ports concurrently active! the power allocation shifts as follows: USB-C1/2 deliver 43.6W and 14.63W respectively! while the USB-A port supplies 3.81W. These specifications underline the power distribution capacities across these ports under various load configurations.

Temperature Test

The charger is a conversion device. There will be losses during the charging process, which are emitted in the form of heat, so the charger will generate heat. ACEFAST A45 PD65W Charger supports up to 65W output. Place the charger in a constant temperature box at 25°C! and collect the surface temperature of the charger after loading at 20V-3.35A for one hour.

let’s take a look at the temperature performance of the charger under 220V-50Hz voltage output. One hour later, the highest temperature on the surface of the charger taken with a thermal imager was 55.1°C. The highest surface temperature on the other side of the charger is 57.9°C.


In conclusion, the ACEFAST A45 PD65W GaN3 charger stands as a testament to the intersection of sleek design and cutting-edge technology, catering to the increasing demands of the contemporary digital landscape. With its double-shell design providing a transparent window into its sophisticated inner workings! the charger embodies both elegance and robustness, setting a new standard in the realm of charging solutions.

The extensive protocol testing showcased the charger’s wide-ranging compatibility with various fast-charging protocols! ensuring optimal performance for a diverse array of devices. Notably, the USB-C and USB-A ports demonstrated seamless integration with the PD and QC3.0 protocols! respectively, solidifying the charger’s adaptability and reliability.

Moreover, the comprehensive charging performance analysis underscored the charger’s capabilities! with the multi-port charging test highlighting its efficient power distribution across different load configurations. The temperature test results! demonstrating a maximum surface temperature of 57.9°C under a demanding 65W output load! affirm the device’s robust build and effective heat dissipation design.

Overall, the ACEFAST A45 PD65W GaN3 charger emerges as an innovative and reliable solution! embodying a perfect synergy of style, functionality, and performance. With its seamless compatibility, efficient power distribution, and commendable heat dissipation! this charger undoubtedly presents an optimal charging experience for tech-savvy users! reaffirming ACEFAST’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge and user-centric products.

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