Predator Vesta II RGB DDR5-5200 Memory Kit Review

In today’s tech landscape, the dynamics of DRAM memory chips and NAND flash memory chips have been a recurring topic of discussion. The consistent trend of falling prices, owing to lackluster demand, is something most of us are well aware of. Whether it’s the cutting-edge DDR5 memory modules or the lightning-fast PCIe 4.0 solid-state drives, affordability seems to be the order of the day.

However, a recent revelation has stirred the waters of this otherwise steady market. Certain institutions have boldly predicted a substantial surge in market demand for memory and flash memory chips, projecting growth rates of 13.0% and 16.0%, respectively, in the year 2024. As a consequence, there’s a growing anticipation that prices might see an uptick in the near future. Nevertheless, the current moment presents a unique opportunity for those in need of memory and solid-state storage solutions. The prices have plummeted to levels where they can only be described as “cabbage prices,” even for top-tier, overclockable DDR5 memory kits from renowned manufacturers.

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Recently, I had the pleasure of getting my hands on a remarkable DDR5 memory kit that not only boasts an appealing aesthetic but also delivers formidable overclocking performance, all at an incredibly affordable price point. Allow me to introduce the Predator Vesta II DDR5-5200 memory kit by Acer, a product that has captured my attention and deserves a closer look.


In terms of outer packaging, Vesta II continues the design of Apollo and Vesta, which looks very high-quality. It has a very eye-catching colorful design. The upper right corner of the package indicates that this memory supports RGB lighting effects from major board manufacturers. The front shows the appearance of the memory, as well as the brand, model, frequency, and capacity of the product. It is worth mentioning that, Acer Predator’s memory has been optimized and adapted with four Acer motherboard manufacturers before it was launched, so that the product can be plug-and-play, maximizing the performance of XMP one-click overclocking files, and the ARGB APP can directly call the control.

On the back of the package, there is a disclaimer and product feature introduction, such as the memory supports XMP 3.0, ECC error correction function, four major motherboard light control software, etc. The product label is on the lower right.

The packaging design of Vesta II RGB DDR5 is also very exquisite. There is a layer of color printing on the outside, and there is a retractable black box inside.

Opening the box, There is very thick black cushioning foam inside the package to ensure that the memory will not be damaged due to falling during transportation. The memory is wrapped in a hard plastic shell and matched with black cushioning foam to achieve perfect protection.

Closer Look

In terms of appearance, The appearance is naturally very good. Its sleek design features a frost-cooling vest in a striking black and silver color scheme. Crafted from robust aluminum alloy, this vest is not just for looks; it’s intelligently designed with grooves that significantly enhance the heat dissipation area. This engineering marvel ensures that the memory runs at optimal temperatures, resulting in a more stable performance overall.

One standout feature of the Vesta II memory module is the presence of the cool condensation frost heat dissipation armor. This innovative technology provides an even greater heat dissipation area, further enhancing the module’s stability. It’s not just about stability, though; this memory boasts remarkable overclocking capabilities that will appeal to enthusiasts and power users alike.

The Predator’s distinctive logo is prominently displayed on the module, making it clear that this is a premium, high-performance memory module. Additionally, the words “Vesta II” and “DDR5” are elegantly marked, signifying the model and the cutting-edge DDR5 technology it incorporates.

Flipping the module over, you’ll find a sticker that provides key specifications. It indicates that the memory has a generous capacity of 16GB and operates at a nominal frequency of 5200MHz with timings of CL 38-38-38-76. The memory module operates at a voltage of 1.25V, ensuring efficient power usage.

The top of the Acer Vesta II memory module features a captivating translucent light strip. In addition to the DDR5 logo, there’s a metal element that extends from the aluminum alloy frost heat dissipation armor, prominently showcasing the PREDATOR logo. This light strip is not just for aesthetics; it offers a remarkable level of customization with 8 independent lighting area controls. It supports a staggering 16.8m colors and comes with 10+ lighting effects by default. For those who want to take control of the lighting experience, it can also be customized and synchronized with other system components using popular motherboard lighting software. Acer’s Vesta II DDR5 memory module truly combines both style and substance for a top-tier computing experience.

The Predator VESTA II memory incorporates advanced thermal management technology, featuring a high-efficiency double-layer silicone thermal pad and a single-sided particle design. This innovative design significantly enhances its thermal performance, ensuring optimal operating temperatures. Compared to its predecessor, DDR4, which operated at lower temperatures, the DDR5 technology in VESTA II offers remarkable improvements in efficiency. With the integration of PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) and a substantially increased frequency, DDR5 stands out as a crucial advancement in-memory technology. Its ability to deliver superior performance while maintaining excellent thermal characteristics makes it a key player in the realm of high-performance computing.

RGB Lighting Effects

After installing the Vesta II memory kit in the PC and powering it on, the single memory stick boasts eight independent lighting areas that can achieve an ever-changing RGB color performance. What’s more, it also supports the synchronization of multiple motherboards, making it a versatile choice for enthusiasts and gamers alike.

For control and customization, I opted for the MSI Center software, and I must say! the lighting effects displayed by the Acer Vesta II memory are nothing short of eye-catching. The lighting effect exudes a soft and natural glow, creating an immersive visual experience. The light strip essentially envelops the corners of the entire memory module after installation, with its eight independent lighting areas coming to life.

Once integrated into the actual machine, the Vesta II memory truly shines. It delivers top-tier performance in terms of brightness, color purity, and smooth color transitions. Whether you’re looking for aesthetics or functionality! the Vesta II memory kit offers a remarkable and satisfying experience for PC enthusiasts.

Test Build

Let’s talk about the test Build and configuration. In this setup, we start with the processor, an Intel Core i7-13700K, which we’ve left at its default state without any overclocking applied. To complement this CPU, we’ve chosen the MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI DDR5 motherboard. This motherboard boasts 4 DDR5 memory slots, capable of supporting up to an impressive 128GB of RAM, while also accommodating XMP3.0 mode for enhanced memory performance. Notably, it supports memory frequencies of up to 7000MHz when overclocked, thanks to MSI’s robust technical support for memory overclocking. For users seeking a hassle-free approach to overclocking, the automatic (XMP) overclocking method is both simple and user-friendly.

Let’s take a look at the overall Specification of test Build:

Case HYTE Y60 Modern Aesthetic PC Case
CPU Intel Core i7-13700K
Motherboard MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI DDR5
CPU Cooler EKWB Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB Liquid Cooler
GPU ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 OC Edition
RAM Predator Vesta II RGB DDR5-5200 (32GB)
PSU DeepCool’s PQ850M (80 PLUS Gold Certified)
Fans be quiet! Light Wings 120mm
SSD Storage
Sabrent Rocket Q4 NVMe SSD 4TB


After the PC is turned on, the system can be entered normally, but before diving into the performance test! let’s first examine the memory chips powering the Predator Vesta II. This set of memory modules utilizes Micron chips, designated by the number MT60B2G8??-48:?! which are carefully chosen On-die high-quality memory particles. A close inspection reveals their performance and overclocking potential to be quite impressive. These chips have been specially selected for their superior physical quality, ensuring a notable improvement in overall memory performance.

According to CPU-Z, the Predator Vesta II DDR5 operates at a default frequency of 4800MHz with timing specifications set at CL40-40-40-77 in its default state. However, when examining the SPD (Serial Presence Detect) information! we discover that this memory module has the capability to reach an XMP (Extreme Memory Profile) frequency of 5200MHz! with timing adjusted to CL38-38-38-76 and a voltage requirement of 1.25V. It’s worth noting that the Predator Vesta II DDR5 not only offers these performance enhancements through XMP but also supports advanced technologies like XMP 3.0 for further customization and optimization of memory performance.

The Predator Vesta II memory supports Intel XMP 3.0. Users can enjoy preset and fully optimized high performance with just one click. Capable players go beyond this and can challenge higher frequencies and obtain higher performance. The memory is equipped with On-Die ECC error correction technology, which can detect and repair erroneous data on its own! ensuring the integrity of high-frequency signal operation and making the memory overclocking operation more stable and reliable.

The memory is equipped with a PMIC power management chip and is connected to the Cooler Lingshuang cooling vest through a thermal grease sheet. All this is only to achieve more efficient and stable power load management for the memory! and effectively improve the operating stability and overclocking stability of the memory and the entire machine.

Performance and Benchmarks

First, let’s take a look at the basic performance of the Acer Predator Vesta II DDR5 with a default state of 4800Mhz-CL40. The AIDA64 test read speed is 73836MB/s, the write speed is 68506MB/s! the copy speed is 67585, and the latency is 86.4ns. This is a pretty good result, and it can be seen that the memory is of good quality and there is still room for overclocking.

In the AIDA64 test, when XMP is turned on, memory read, write! and copy performance is significantly improved compared to the 4800Mhz default mode. With just one click of XMP, you can enjoy the excellent performance of 5200mhz with CL38-38-38-76 timing. At this time, the AIDA64 test read speed is 81039MB/s and the write speed is 73710MB/s. Copy The speed is 73953MB/s and the latency is 79.9ns.

By the way, I tried the overclocking performance of the memory. After some exploration, I overclocked it to 5600MHz, the timing is CL 42-42-42-80! and added the DRAM VDD voltage and VDDQ voltage to 1.375V. After the memory is overclocked to 5600MHz, it can read up to 87501MB/s! write about 83255MB/s, copy about 82232MB/s, and the latency is only 72.0ns.

AIDA64 memory and cache bandwidth test, after overclocking, memory read, write! and copy performance are significantly improved compared to XMP and silent frequency.


In conclusion, the Acer Predator Vesta II DDR5 memory module impresses on multiple fronts! offering a blend of both aesthetics and high-performance functionality. Its sleek design, frost-cooling vest! and RGB lighting effects make it a standout choice for those who value the appearance of their PC components. Beyond its looks, the Vesta II showcases remarkable engineering with features like the cool condensation frost heat dissipation armor! ensuring optimal heat dissipation and stability. The integration of DDR5 technology, PMIC, and XMP 3.0 support further elevates its performance and overclocking capabilities. It’s a memory module that caters to both enthusiasts and gamers, delivering an immersive visual experience and top-tier computing performance.

In our performance tests, the Acer Predator Vesta II DDR5 demonstrated its prowess with impressive results! whether in its default state or when overclocked. Its read, write, and copy speeds saw significant improvements when enabling XMP! showcasing its ability to provide a substantial boost in memory performance. Overclocking enthusiasts will find it capable of pushing boundaries with even higher frequencies and excellent stability. The integration of On-Die ECC error correction technology and PMIC power management ensures not only performance but also reliability. With these attributes, the Vesta II stands as a top-tier memory choice for those seeking an exceptional computing experience.

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