TEAMGROUP T-FORCE Vulcan DDR5-6000 Memory Kit Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of computer hardware, memory technology has been a focal point of innovation and advancement. DDR5 memory, once a novelty and considered an extravagance for early adopters, has now matured into a practical choice for mainstream users. Its journey from a scarce and expensive option to one that boasts improved availability, lower prices, and impressive transfer rates has sparked a crucial question among enthusiasts and builders alike: Is it time to transition from the tried-and-true DDR4 to the enticing realm of DDR5? With the advent of Alder Lake processors and the promise of Raptor Lake, this query becomes more pertinent than ever.

Today, we delve into this inquiry as we review the T-FORCE Vulcan DDR5 memory kit, generously provided by TEAMGROUP. The T-Force Vulcan series represents an affordable entry point into the world of gaming memory under the T-Force brand, offering kits ranging from DDR5-4800 to DDR5-6000. Equipped with XMP 3.0 profiles for seamless BIOS integration and support for AMD’s “EXPO” overclocking technology, these modules aim to deliver both performance and compatibility.

In this review, we take a closer look at the DDR5-6000 variant, featuring 32GB (2x 16GB) of capacity with CL30-36-36-76 timings and AMD EXPO support. Through rigorous testing, including XMP benchmarks and manual overclocking experimentation, we seek to unveil the true potential of this DDR5 memory kit and ascertain whether it warrants the transition from its predecessor, DDR4.

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We begin this analysis by carrying out the Unboxing of the T-Force Vulcan DDR5, an eagerly awaited moment for tech enthusiasts. The DDR5 modules are presented to us in a slim and flexible cardboard box, adorned with the company’s signature colors. This packaging provides a sneak peek into the memory modules and offers a glimpse of their specifications. Positioned at the top right corner, a sticker catches our attention, displaying vital information such as the number of modules, their capacity, and clock speed. Prominently featured below is a reference to the coveted “Lifetime Warranty,” reassuring us of the product’s durability.

Flipping the box to its rear, we delve into the technical intricacies. Here, Teamgroup delves deeper into the specifications, eloquently detailing the modules’ most critical attributes in various languages. Among these attributes, Teamgroup highlights the DDR5’s standard features, such as its robust heat sink design and reinforced construction. Notably, they emphasize support for XMP 3.0 and on-die ECC, underlining the module’s cutting-edge capabilities.

Through a transparent viewing window, we catch a glimpse of the stickers on the modules themselves, bearing the XMP specifications, product details, and serial numbers, further adding to the excitement.

Upon opening the box, we discover a semi-rigid plastic blister thoughtfully designed to cradle the modules, ensuring their safe storage during transit. The blister comes complete with a secure lid, and accompanying documentation is also included for the user’s convenience. Teamgroup has not overlooked the importance of an identification sticker, providing yet another layer of detail and assurance in this impressive unboxing experience.

Closer Look

The appearance of TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 inherits the style of this series. If you don’t look at the model carefully, you won’t know it is a new product. It is still an aluminum alloy heat sink using a one-piece stamping process, with multi-angle lines, showing its own style. It is dominated by large-area light and shadow streamlined shapes, combined with multi-angle lines, to outline the overall visual appearance of the memory. The special style of this DDR5 memory is combined with superconducting heat dissipation glue to further improve the heat dissipation performance.

In fact, when buying memory modules, you should choose the ones with heat sinks. Compared with bare modules, memory with built-in metal vests has guaranteed heat dissipation performance. After all, under high-intensity overclocking, the heat generated by the memory is considerable. The integrated heat sink of TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 memory is matched with professional thermal conductive silicone to further improve the heat dissipation performance. The size of 32.7 (H) x 140 (L) x 7.5 (W) mm is also excellent compatibility for ITX motherboards.

Each individual 16GB module adopts a single-sided design and sources its memory particles from the renowned supplier, SK Hynix. For those familiar with TEAMGROUP, the partnership with Hynix underscores the commitment to quality, as Hynix consistently delivers top-tier memory particles. Notably, this memory also possesses notable overclocking capabilities, aligning perfectly with the demands of enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The frequency of the memory is 6000Mhz, the timing is CL 38-38-38-78, and the voltage is 1.25V. PC dual channel is the 2nd and 4th, not only looks good but also has improved performance. Of course, if you have the budget, it’s no problem to plug in all 4 of them.

One of the features of this Team Group T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 memory is that it supports AMD EXPO rapid one-click overclocking, allowing the memory to achieve performance improvements with optimized compatibility. In addition, this memory also has an On-die ECC error correction mechanism, allowing you to have stable and reliable overclocking performance.

The memory comes with a power management chip (PMIC), which can effectively configure energy, provide a stable power supply to the memory, effectively reduce noise interference during use, and comprehensively improve the quality and stability of signal transmission.

Test Build

In this performance benchmark test, we utilized the formidable i7-13700K processor paired with the MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI motherboard. The initial test configuration boasted a default memory frequency of 4800MHz. However, with the activation of XMP/EXPO, we pushed the boundaries further, subjecting the system to rigorous trials at 5200MHz, 6000MHz! and an astounding 7000MHz, exploring the processor and motherboard’s capacity for peak performance.

Case HYTE Y60 Modern Aesthetic PC Case
CPU Intel Core i7-13700K
Motherboard MSI MPG Z690 FORCE WIFI DDR5
CPU Cooler EKWB Nucleus AIO CR360 Lux D-RGB Liquid Cooler
GPU ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 3080 OC Edition
PSU DeepCool’s PQ850M (80 PLUS Gold Certified)
Fans be quiet! Light Wings 120mm
SSD Storage
Sabrent Rocket Q4 NVMe SSD 4TB

Performance and Benchmarks

After the PC power on starts XMP/EXPO mode, the T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 memory information is identified through CPU-Z. The frequency is 6000MHz, supports AMD EXPO technology, and the particles are from SK Hynix. The timing sequence of DDR5-6000 is CL30-36-36-76, and the corresponding voltage is 1.35V.

Use the Thaiphoon burner to read the internal information. The particles are Hynix, part number H5CG48AEBDX014, which are specially selected A-die high-quality memory particles. The native frequency is 5600MHz and the timing is C36. Supports EXPO (AMD)/XMP 3.0 (Intel), and adds ONE-die ECC to provide automatic error correction capabilities.

In terms of performance, AID64 was used to perform read and write tests on T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 memory. At the default frequency of 4800MHz, the timing was 40-40-40-77, the read speed was 71,425MB/s, and the write speed was 63,691MB/s. The copy speed is 64,623MB/s and the latency is 91.7ns.

This memory supports Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO overclocking preset files! 2 sets each of Intel XMP and AMD EXPO and supports one-click overclocking to 5600/6000Mhz. Enable XMP through the BIOS menu and select profile no: 2 the memory frequency is instantly increased to 5600MHz, the timing is 40-40-40-84, and the performance is naturally improved across the board.  The read speed reached 83,372MB/s, the write speed was 75,723MB/s, the copy speed was 76734MB/s! and the latency dropped to 80.6ns.

After choosing Profile no: 1, the memory instantly rose to 6000MHz, with timings set at 30-36-36-76. As a result, performance improvements were observed across the board. The read speed achieved 91184MB/s, the write speed reached 82163MB/s, the copy speed measured 95487MB/s, and latency decreased to 70.3ns. Such performance remains excellent within its peer products, ensuring seamless operation of software and games.

Don’t think that 6000MHz is the limit of this memory. After continuing to manually overclock to 6400, and 7000MHz respectively, the performance is fully improved again. Overclocked to 6400MHz and the timing is 30-38-38-84, memory reading, writing, and copying are 96,442MB/s, 84,636MB/s, and 86,261MB/s respectively, and the latency is 69.2ns. The memory frequency is increased, and the memory bandwidth is greatly improved.

After overclocking to 7000MHz and the timing is 32-42-42-84, the rear memory read, write! and copy were 103.21GB/s, 86,929MB/s, and 94,361MB/s respectively, and the delay time was 64.9ns.

The operation at the frequency of 7000MHz is very stable. There has been no blue screen phenomenon after two weeks of use. Even when I open multiple applications at this frequency, it obviously feels faster. In terms of games, I have experienced mainstream AAA games such as “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”! “Elden’s Ring”, “Cyberpunk 2077”, “God of War 4”, and “A Plague Tale: Innocence” at high image quality! all of which guarantee 2K. It runs smoothly with over 60+ frames at the resolution, awesome!


In conclusion, the TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 memory kit represents a significant leap in-memory technology, offering impressive performance and overclocking capabilities. With its sleek aluminum alloy heat sink design and compatibility with ITX motherboards, it not only looks good but also delivers on heat dissipation and signal stability. The memory’s support for AMD EXPO rapid overclocking and on-die ECC error correction ensures that users can achieve stable and reliable performance even when pushing the limits of the memory.

Performance testing revealed that this DDR5-6000 memory kit excels in both stock and overclocked configurations. It is capable of delivering outstanding read, write, and copy speeds! with low latency, making it ideal for demanding tasks, including gaming at high resolutions and image quality settings. The stability demonstrated during overclocking to frequencies beyond 7000MHz is commendable, with no signs of instability or crashes during extended use. Overall, the T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 memory kit proves to be a compelling choice for users seeking top-tier memory performance and the potential for future-proofing their systems.

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, DDR5 memory emerges as a viable and enticing option for those looking to upgrade their systems. With the right combination of features, compatibility, and overclocking potential! the TEAMGROUP T-FORCE VULCAN DDR5-6000 memory kit makes a strong case for embracing DDR5 as the new standard for memory! providing both enthusiasts and mainstream users with a path to elevated computing experiences.

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