Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro Is On Sale at the Price of $359 (Instead $429)

Creality, a renowned global brand in consumer-level 3D printing, is dedicated to researching and manufacturing 3D printers. Their latest innovation, the “CR-Scan Ferret Pro” 3D scanner, has been introduced to simplify model creation for users. This scanner is a valuable tool for 3D printing enthusiasts, streamlining the modeling process and eliminating model acquisition challenges.

It promises to expand the model library for 3D printing enthusiasts, unlocking endless possibilities for creating 3D models. Users, regardless of their scanning expertise, can effortlessly generate models with just a single click. Even beginners can embark on their journey and quickly obtain the desired scanning models.

Limited-Time Promotions

For those eager to own the Creality CR-Scan Ferret Pro, there has never been a better time to make the purchase. Originally priced at $429, they are currently offering a Super Early Bird discount of 16% off from September 19th to 29th, bringing the price down to just $359. If you miss the Super Early Bird offer, fret not. You can still avail of the Early Bird offer at 12% off, available from September 29th to October 9th, for just $379.

But that’s not all. Here’s your golden opportunity to potentially receive the Ferret Pro for free! Purchase your CR Ferret Pro before 23:59 (EST) on September 29th, and you might be one of the TWO lucky customers to receive a 100% refund. The winners of this thrilling giveaway will be announced during an October livestream. To explore this offer, click the button below.

Buy and Save $60

CR-Scan Ferret Pro: Design Tomorrow, Create Today

Now, let’s delve into what makes this scanner an essential tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Anti-shake Tracking

Creality has introduced the CR-Scan Ferret Pro in response to user demands for Apple system support and faster, more stable scanning. This upgraded 3D scanner, based on the CR-Scan Ferret, not only supports WIFI6 and operates on both Apple and Android systems but also delivers anti-shaking capabilities and faster scanning image transmission.

Scan Black/Metal Objects Without Spraying

With the CR-Scan Ferret Pro, users can effortlessly scan black objects like cars, car parts, tires, and even metal objects without the need for scanning spray. Achieve the desired model effect with ease.

24-bit Full-color Scanning

This scanner enables fast and accurate scanning of faces and bodies, providing a superior user experience. With an accuracy of up to 0.1mm, it employs a unique face mapping algorithm that faithfully reproduces intricate facial features, even capturing individual hairs on scanned portraits.

Human Face & Body Scanning

Equipped with a built-in 2-megapixel high-resolution color camera, this scanner captures the full-color texture of 3D models, showcasing the object’s original colors and intricate details.

High Quality & Fast Scanning (ASIC Chip)

The CR-Scan Ferret Pro guarantees both high-quality scanning results and rapid scanning. It boasts an accuracy of 0.1mm in high-quality mode, capturing finer details. Featuring a dedicated 3D imaging ASIC chip, it reduces the performance demands on computers or mobile phones. Additionally, its single capture range extends up to 560x820mm, enhancing scanning efficiency for medium and large objects.

WiFi 6 Wireless Bridge

This scanner utilizes the latest WiFi6 high-speed wireless network, offering three times the speed of WiFi5. It meets the bandwidth requirements for high-precision scanning and enhances data transmission efficiency, ensuring smoother data collection. Its one-shot 3D imaging technology allows for steady scanning, even with shaky hands, significantly improving scanning success rates.

Compact and Portable

Weighing only 105g, the CR-Scan Ferret Pro is highly portable. Whether you’re on the go or traveling, you can digitize significant objects from your journey, creating unique sculptures as memorable souvenirs.

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