UPERFECT Delta Dual-Screen Portable Monitor Debut On Kickstarter, Prices Starting at $359.

There’s no shortage of portable monitors that you can connect to a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to get more screen space on the go. But the UPERFECT Delta stands out from the crowd because it’s not a portable display… Its two portable touchscreen displays smushed together in a way that lets you stack them like a sort of dual-screen laptop.

It’s the latest product from UPERFECT, a company that’s been making portable displays and laptop docks for years. When first introducing the UPERFECT Delta in May, the company told customers they could pre-order through the website for $430 with the use of a coupon code. But the company has canceled those pre-orders and is launching a Kickstarter campaign today instead, with Super Early Bird reward levels starting at $359.

The company says the UPERFECT Delta should begin shipping to backers in September 2023.

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UPERFECT Delta On Kickstarter

The UPERFECT Delta comes in four versions. The two smaller, cheaper ones are the Delta and Delta Lite feature twin 15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel, 60 Hz IPS LDC touchscreen displays connected via a laptop-like hinge. You can position them like a laptop, with one screen resting on a flat surface and the other above it like a notebook display. Or you can use the built-in kickstand to prop up both screens so they’re stacked one atop the other.

There’s also support for portrait orientation if you want to stand the screen up as a tall display next to your laptop.

UPERFECT says you can fold the screens flat for easy portability, with the UPERFECT Delta measuring just 22mm (0.9 inches) thick when folded closed, and weighing 1.55kg (about 3.4 pounds). Both screens support 10-point multitouch input, 178-degree viewing angles, 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and up to 250 nits brightness.

The Delta Lite, which sells for $359 and up during crowdfunding, has one full-featured USB-C port for audio and video input, one mini HDMI port, and a second USB-C port for power only. UPERFECT’s Delta, which starts at $430 during crowdfunding, meanwhile, has two full-featured USB-C ports, two mini HDMI ports, and a USB-C power input.

Folks looking for something a little bigger can also opt for the Delta Max, which is going for $460 and up during crowdfunding, and features two 18.5 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel IPS LCD displays. This model weighs 2.24 kg (4.9 pounds) and measures 24mm (0.9? thick).

And then there’s the top-of-the-line model, which is the UPERFECT Delta Max Pro, featuring two 18.5 inches, 2560 x 1600 pixel, 144 HZ IPS LCD displays. This model is similar in size to the Delta Max, but weighs less, at 2.08 kg (4.6 pounds). Super Early Bird pricing starts at $660.

The Delta Max and Max Pro are also a little brighter than the smaller models, with support for up to 300 nits brightness (compared with 250 nits for the Max and Max Lite), but they also have slightly higher power consumption (14W vs 12W).

Interestingly the higher-priced models have the same selection of ports as the Delta Lite, which means that the $430 UPERFECT Delta is the only model with support for input from two devices.

Another thing to keep in mind? You could probably buy two standalone portable displays for less than the price of this thing. But… they wouldn’t be (easily) stackable, so I guess that’s something.

Honestly, this is a weird product that’s most likely only going to appeal to a niche audience. I’m not surprised to see UPERFECT switch from outright pre-orders to crowdfunding, as it will most likely provide a better gauge of just how much demand there is for this sort of portable dual-screen PC accessory before spending a bunch of money on mass production.

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