AlgoLaser Delta 22W: The World’s First Smart Laser Engraver Now In Only $999

Laser engraving machines are a very interesting option for those looking to create an extra source of income or for those who simply enjoy doing manual work. The AlgoLaser Delta 22W appears as the world’s first intelligent laser engraver, which is now available at GearBerry in a launch promotion, for just around $999.99 (€750), a 33% discount compared to the original price of $1499.99 (€1400).

Furthermore, if you make one of your first 100 purchases, you will receive a free 400x400mm honeycomb panel worth $80 (€75). The promotion is valid until October 20th. In addition, you will have 7 days for hassle-free returns and 30 days to exchange the product for another one. To discover the offer, click below:

Buy and Save $500

Now, let’s look at each of its features here, evaluate its performance, and determine if it really meets the high expectations it has generated.


AlgoLaser Delta 22W is an open-format laser engraver/cutter offering a working surface of 440 x 415 mm. A model that stands out for its almost autonomous operation since it has an interactive LCD screen color allowing you to directly select the files to engrave or cut as well as to control the head and make certain adjustments.

No need to connect to a device to carry out engraving, you can directly from the screen take charge of engraving, cutting, control the air pump, check the status of the machine, the progress of the work, and alerts via vibrant RGB lighting. Also, note a smart APP to burn from your phone.

All you have to do is store G-Code files in its memory, then navigate through the menu to carry out the cutting work. It is also possible to control the Air Assist module from the screen, the latter being connected by a laser control box.

On the power side, the Algolaser Delta claims 22W via an assembly of 4 blue diodes, which makes it possible to offer engraving up to 500 mm/s, cutting of 30 mm of fir in one pass, acrylic up to ‘at 45 mm (15 passes) or 12 mm MDF (6 passes). Its power will also allow stainless steel to be engraved in color via a surface oxidation process.

There is also an emergency stop button as well as a key locking system, a flame detection module, air pressure monitoring and a lens cleaning reminder.

Internally, the Algolaser Delta 22W is equipped with a motherboard with a 4-core CPU associated with 8MB of RAM, 16 MB of internal memory, and a 32GB SD card of storage. There is also a gyroscope to warn of any tilting and automatically stop work when moving equipment.

Ideal for series production, the Algolaser Delta 22W is equipped with end-of-stroke sensors, and its cables are protected to avoid falling or moving the media to be engraved. It also comes directly with its Air Assist system to facilitate cutting and limit burn marks during engraving.

Buy and Save $500

Thanks to a special promotion, you can now get the Algolaser Delta 22W for just $999 (instead of $1499.99) with free shipping. In addition, you will have 7 days for hassle-free returns and 30 days to exchange the product for another one. Now is clearly the time to take advantage of it.

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