AOHi Magcube P30 30,000mAh 100W Portable Power Bank Review

In this fast-paced era of technological advancement, our daily routines, work commitments, and leisure activities are intimately entwined with an array of digital electronic devices. From our trusty smartphones and tablets to our wireless Bluetooth headsets and indispensable laptops, these gadgets have revolutionized the way we live and interact with the world around us. They bring unparalleled convenience to our lives, making them an essential part of our portable arsenal.

However, in the face of a sudden power outage or battery depletion, these lifelines can quickly become sources of frustration and inconvenience. Missed calls, delayed messages, and potential financial losses are just a few of the woes that can result from a lack of power.

Enter the power bank, a dependable companion for our digital devices. Today, we introduce you to the AOHi Magcube P30 30,000mAh 100W Portable Power Bank—a device that embodies safety and reliability. This powerhouse offers remarkable performance and can even charge laptops, making it an invaluable addition to your tech arsenal. Notably, this is not our first encounter with AOHi products, and we have been consistently impressed by their quality and innovation. Join us as we delve into the features and capabilities of this remarkable Power Bank.

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Let’s look at the unboxing of the AOHi Magcube P30 30,000mAh 100W Portable Power Bank. The outer box is lifted to reveal the fine packaging inside, yellow, black, and white are the commonly used colors of AOHi, which is eye-catching.  The front of the box shows the appearance and model of the product, and the power capacity is marked as 30,000mAh, which supports 100W fast charging.

The back of the package has rich product Features including GaN fast charging, 3-stage charging (both fast and safe), and 18-month warranty and manufacturer information.

The sticker on the back lists the product parameters in detail. You can see that the length, width, and height are only 153x88x25mm, and the product weighs 530g. Compared with its huge capacity of 30,000mAh, it can be said to be relatively small and thin, thanks to the power conversion rate of up to 85%. The most practical thing about the Aohi 100W Power bank is that it supports two-way 100W fast charging (requires a 100W charging head + 100W data cable with E-MARK certified chip ), and is backward compatible; when dual-port output, the power will be automatically distributed (65W + 18W ).

In addition to the power bank itself, there are also instructions and a quality warranty card. The power bank also comes with a 3ft 100W USB C to USB C Cable with an E-Marker Chip. The quality of the charging cable is quite good, and it supports a large output current, making it convenient for users to use.


In terms of appearance, The appearance of AOHi Magcube P30 adopts a gray and black contrasting color design and, a frosted process, which is more inclined to business style, without losing the sense of technology. The body material is sandblasted and anodized aluminum, which is the same aluminum material used in Apple notebooks. It has the advantages of good heat dissipation, anti-corrosion, and durability. Moving to the front of the AOHi Magcube P30 30000mAh power bank, you’ll find a seamless blend of aluminum alloy and plastic materials, featuring the distinctive AOHi logo positioned at the bottom. This meticulous design is mirrored on the back of the power bank, showcasing the unmistakable branding of MAGCUBE P30.

The AOHi Magcube P30 Power bank features a power button located conveniently on its side, as well as four power indicator lights positioned along the side. These indicator lights serve the crucial function of displaying the remaining power levels 0-25%, 26-50%, 51-75%, and 76-100% respectively, providing users with a quick and easy way to gauge how much power is left in the device. Additionally, there is a power switch located just below the indicator lights, which can be easily toggled to instantly reveal the precise remaining power capacity of the mobile Power bank. This thoughtful design ensures that users can monitor and manage their power needs with utmost convenience and efficiency.

The middle frame of the power bank has a rich horizontal line texture! which can improve hand friction when holding it. There is also a certain rounded transition at the four corners to avoid collisions. The length and width are similar to the latest smartphone, no matter whether you are a man or a woman! you can hold it with one hand without any pressure.

The AOHi Magcube P30 boasts a versatile array of connectivity options with its dual interfaces. On one side, it features a USB-C port that offers a remarkable two-way charging capability! delivering a staggering maximum power output of 100W. Complementing this, on the other end, you’ll find a USB-A port, primarily designed for output charging! providing a respectable maximum power output of 18W. What sets the Magcube P30 apart is its ability to seamlessly combine both interfaces! simultaneously delivering a robust power output of PD 65W through the USB-C port and 18W through the USB-A port, culminating in an impressive combined total of 83W. This remarkable flexibility ensures that your devices are charged swiftly and efficiently! no matter which interface you choose to utilize.

The specific parameters of the power bank are actually printed other side in the form of very inconspicuous dark lines! which require fairly good eyesight to see clearly.

Fast Charging Protocol

By testing the fast charging protocol with YZXstudio’s current and voltage meter! you can see that the USB-C fast charging protocol is lit: PD2.0, PD3.0, PPS, QC4, BC1.2 and other public protocols. The most important thing is to support USB PD3.0 105W. USB-A covers some private protocols. Judging from the deception results of PD gears, the USB current and voltage meter detected that USB-C1 has 5 fixed voltage gears: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/5A, and 2 PPS gears. Position: 3.3-6V/3A, 3.3-21V/5A. The advantage of the PPS fast charging solution is that it integrates the current high-voltage low-current and low-voltage high-current solutions. It is more flexible than the fixed-speed charging solution. Currently, the Xiaomi Mi mobile phone mainly uses the PPS fast charging protocol.

In addition, I also checked the cable that comes with the AOHi Magcube P30 power bank. I can see that this cable is USB 3.2 Gen 2 and supports the specifications of E-maker 5A! which means that it can be used to copy data ( 10Gbps bandwidth), can also meet the peak power charging of 100W! and is used for both front-line and dual-purpose use, which is very conscientious.


Single Port Charging

I believe that most users who choose the AOHi Magcube P30 Power bank come for its single port power consumption.

It can be seen that after using the USB-C to C cable to connect to the USB-C port of the mobile Power bank! the power reaches 19.441V × 4.7168A = 91.699W! which is also the peak power consumption that the mobile Power bank can achieve.

Judging from the charging records of Power-Z, the charging power remained very stable above 90W in the first 50 minutes. After 50 minutes, the current began to decrease entered a slow charging state! and finally stabilized at around 46-50W in about an hour. Finally, it ran out of power in about 70 minutes. At this time, the MacBook Pro 2021’s power was 86%. Based on the energy calculation of MacBook Pro 100Wh, we can calculate the [actual conversion rate] of this mobile Power banky: (100Wh × 86%) / 108Wh = 79.63%. This data is quite good for a large-capacity mobile Power bank.

Switch to iPad Pro 2021 or iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the USB-C port at this time will also reach a power consumption of 14.868V × 2.4215A = 36.004W, which can fully feed tablets and mobile phones. If it is a Nintendo Switch, it can also have a power consumption of 14.953V × 1.0555A = 15.783W and can activate TV mode without any pressure.

I also tried the efficiency of the USB-A port of the AOHi Magcube P30 power bank. Currently, I only have a USB-A one-to-three data cable on hand. You can see that the iPhone 13 Pro Max shakes hands with the classic protocol of five blessings and one security. If it is an Android phone such as Xiaomi, Huawei, or Honor! with the private protocol of the USB-A port, it can generally reach about 18-25W.

Dual Port Charging

Because sometimes when going out, everyone will encounter the situation of using dual ports at the same time. According to AOHi himself, in dual-port mode, USB-C distributes 65W and USB-A distributes 18W, for a total of 83W. I think it was possible to charge and use the MacBook Pro before the 2019 model, but after the 2021 model, the 65W may lose power while being used, so it is recommended that you hibernate or shut down for the best charging effect.

Generally speaking, the AOHi Magcube P30 100W USB-C port has complete performance! and the USB-A port also has good compatibility, which is very helpful for powering traditional devices.

Reverse Charging

AOHi Magcube P30 power bank also supports 100W reverse charging. I paired it with a 100W charger and reached a power of 19.782V × 5.0507A = 99.914W.

Judging from Power-Z’s charging records, the reverse charging power remained at around 85-90W for the first 55 minutes! then the charging current dropped, stabilizing at 35W for 6-7 minutes, and then further dropped to trickle charging until it was fully charged. , so a complete charging takes about 2 hours and 7 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you can take it out after charging to 1 charge. After all, the capacity base is large enough! and 75% of the charged power is enough to meet most of your outdoor needs.

Heat Dissipation

Finally, let’s pay attention to the heat of the AOHi Magcube P30 power bank. The test process is to use it to charge the MacBook Pro 2021 at full load for 30 minutes in a closed space with 26°C air conditioning and pass the infrared test. Use a thermometer to check the heat on the front and charging port.

It can be seen that the side temperature of the AOHi Magcube P30 power bank at this time is concentrated on the plastic module! with the highest temperature being 40.6°C. The overall temperature of the metal part of the casing is much lower! and the temperature at the four corners is even 10°C lower. This shows that the metal casing The heat dissipation is effective, so you can hold more metal parts. The maximum heat generated by the entire AOHi Magcube P30 power bank is concentrated on the charging port! reaching 48.7°C. The temperature is also within the acceptable range! because the current international IEC safety standard is a temperature limit of 77°C! and the charger is much lower than the international temperature limit. Strict temperature control values.


In conclusion, the AOHi Magcube P30 is a power bank that not only offers a sleek and durable design but also delivers impressive performance. Its business-style appearance, made from high-quality aluminum material, combines aesthetics with functionality. The power bank’s user-friendly features, such as power indicators and a convenient power button! make it easy to monitor and manage power levels.

The device’s dual interfaces, including a powerful USB-C port supporting up to 105W and a USB-A port with compatibility for various protocols! ensure efficient charging for a wide range of devices. The included USB-C cable is versatile, capable of high-speed data transfer and charging up to 100W.

In terms of performance, the power bank delivers exceptional single-port charging! with the ability to provide high power outputs for devices like MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and more. The dual-port mode offers a total power output of 83W, suitable for charging multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, it supports 100W reverse charging, making it a versatile companion for all your power needs.

The AOHi Magcube P30’s effective heat dissipation ensures safe and comfortable handling! even during heavy usage. With its excellent conversion rate and overall performance! this power bank is a reliable choice for users seeking a high-capacity and versatile charging solution.

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