AOHI Magcube 67W Dual-Port GaN Charger Review

In the ever-evolving world of technology, the quest for efficient and versatile charging solutions has become a paramount concern for tech enthusiasts like myself. With a daily arsenal of electronic companions that includes laptops, iPads, mobile phones, and headphones, the demand for reliable charging devices has never been higher. Juggling these devices simultaneously, each hungry for power requires a charging solution that can keep up with the pace of our digital lives.

The AOHI Magcube 67W Dual-Port GaN Charger is a remarkable addition to the world of charging technology. In this review article, we embark on a journey to explore the capabilities and intricacies of this cutting-edge charger. From its exceptional efficiency to lightning-fast charging speeds and the convenience of multiple ports, the AOHI Magcube 67W GaN charger promises to revolutionize the way we power our gadgets.

Join me as we delve into the world of this innovative charger, discovering its features and functionalities, and experiencing firsthand the allure of the AOHI Magcube 67W GaN Charger.

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The packaging of the AOHI Magcube 67W charger continues AOHI’s consistent, simple, and eye-catching style. It features a striking combination of gray and yellow colors, adorned with a bold yellow logo. On the front, you’ll find a captivating image of the charger in yellow and black, creating a lasting impression.

Turning to the back of the box, you’ll discover essential information about the charger’s charging output and input parameters, as well as specific details about the manufacturer, ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.

Opening the package, you’ll be greeted by not only the charger itself but also a complementary AOHI Magline 4ft USB-C to USB-C LED Digital Display Cable, a warranty card for added peace of mind, and an easy-to-follow instruction manual to help you get started seamlessly.


AOHI MAGCUBE 67W Charger Design

The AOHi 67W charger is made of high flame-retardant PC material with bright yellow + light gray contrasting colors. The sleek transition between each panel accentuates its rectangular wire frame, while the generously rounded edges add to its aesthetic appeal. But there’s more to this charger than meets the eye.

On the output panel, you’ll notice a continuation of the diamond texture design, achieved through a meticulous three-dimensional micro-engraving process. This not only adds to its visual appeal but also serves to enhance cooling efficiency, ensuring optimal performance.

The charger’s side frame features the words “67W GaN+” painted in a stylish metallic silver, hinting at the remarkable power it possesses.

When you turn your attention to the output panel, you’ll discover a total of two USB ports: 1x Type-C and 1 Type-A USB Ports. Notably, the Type-C port can independently deliver an impressive 67W of power. To ensure cohesion in design, the female port rubber core matches the vibrant yellow hue of the charger’s body. Subtle yet attention to detail.

Adding to its functionality, a three-stage breathing indicator light graces the charger’s top. Upon powering on, it emits a yellow light to signify fast charging, a blue light for normal charging, and a green light when your device is fully charged, ensuring overcharge prevention.

For your convenience, the charger incorporates a folding prong design, making it exceptionally portable and easy to store, ideal for those on the go.

To round it all off, the charger’s bottom panel is adorned with detailed parameter inscriptions, providing you with all the essential information you need.

The AOHI Magcube 67W charger is not just a practical powerhouse but also a stylish addition to your tech arsenal, offering both form and function in one sleek package.

AOHI Magline Display Cable Design

The AOHI Magline Display Cable (100W) is a cutting-edge solution, meticulously designed to provide a seamless experience for both charging and data transmission. Its sleek black appearance exudes a sense of sophistication and modernity.

The cable’s exterior boasts a combination of black and gray nylon braiding, which not only imparts a stylish look but also offers practical benefits. The braided wire feels elastic, ensuring it retains its shape and resists fraying or tangling during everyday use.

What sets the AOHI Magline Display Cable apart is its thoughtful inclusion of a cable tie, adorned with a silver AOHI logo. This simple addition adds a touch of convenience, making it effortless to organize and neatly store your cables, eliminating clutter and chaos.

Internally, the cable features Aramid fiber, a high-strength material known for its resilience. This fiber ensures the cable can endure impressive forces, withstanding weights of up to 160 pounds without breaking. This robust construction guarantees that the data cable can handle a significant degree of pulling or stretching without compromising its integrity.

Moreover, the cable’s plug ends, featuring the digital display, are perfectly identical, offering a consistent and reliable connection. The prominent black digital display screen is positioned conveniently on one side! providing clear visual feedback during charging and data transfer.

Overall, the AOHI Magline Display Cable combines aesthetic appeal, durability! and functionality to deliver a premium charging and data transmission solution that caters to the modern user’s needs.

Protocol Test

The significance of this test lies in its commitment to exploring both the complete charging protocol landscape and the specific fast charging protocols that are marked. This approach empowers users to make informed decisions when selecting devices that align with their preferred charging protocols! thereby enhancing their overall fast charging experience. It’s important to note that the USB-C port test information remains consistent, simplifying the description process as only one USB-C port will be elaborated on, with no further details provided.

Using the POWER-Z KM003C tester for USB-C port charging protocol testing reveals support for a comprehensive array of charging protocols! including FCP, SCP, AFC, QC3.0, PD3.0, QC5, DCP, Apple 2.4A, and PPS. The USB-C port offers versatility in voltage levels, accommodating five fixed voltage options of 5V3A, 9V3A! 12V3A, 15V3A, and 20V3.35A, along with a flexible PPS voltage range spanning from 3.3V to 21V with a current rating of 3A.

Additionally, the POWER-Z KM003C tester is employed for USB-A port charging protocol testing! covering UFCS, FCP, SCP, AFC, QC3.0, and DCP among other charging protocols. Specifically, it captures voltage information for the UFCS fast charging protocol, revealing two distinct voltage gears: one ranging from 5V to 11V with a current of 3A and another from 11V to 21V with a current rating of 1.55A.


AOHI MAGCUBE 67W Charger Performance

Next, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the AOHi Magcube 67W charger by conducting various tests! including compatibility, full charging, and standby power consumption tests. This will enable users to select the most suitable equipment for an optimal charging experience. In the compatibility test, we assess the charger’s performance with various devices. We have tested dozens of different models to evaluate the fast-charging capabilities of the USB interface.

USB-C Test

We connected the MacBook Air M2 to the C port of the Olympian 67W charger and used the POWER-Z KM003C tester to measure the power output, which read as 19.63V-3.25A-63.74W. Additionally, the screen displayed a successful handshake with the PD fast charging protocol, confirming excellent compatibility.

USB-A Test

For the USB-A port, we connected the iQOO 10 Pro to the AOHi Magcube 67W charger and used the POWER-Z KM003C tester to measure the power output. The result was 7.85V-3.13A-24.59W, and the screen indicated a successful handshake with the UFCS fast-charging protocol. This demonstrates the charger’s compatibility with a wide range of devices.

Dual-Port Test

In the dual-port test, we examined the charger’s performance when both ports were used simultaneously. The USB-C port delivered an output power of 28.49W, while the USB-A port provided 24.47W of power. This dual-port functionality ensures efficient charging for multiple devices at once.

With these test results, users can confidently choose the AOHi Magcube 67W charger for their specific devices! knowing that it offers excellent compatibility and efficient charging capabilities.

AOHI Magline Display Cable Performance

Fast charging power real-time display” is another highlight of the AOHI Magline Display Cable. It continues the classic design of Aohi’s charger. 3-color breathing light to indicate working status:

  • “Yellow light”: fast charging
  • “Blue light”: medium-speed charging
  • “Green light”: low-speed charging (microcurrent)

In terms of the charging, the two C to C cables are the same. I used an Aohi 100W Power Bank and a third-party 100W Charger to test the fast charging protocol, and I can see two C to C cables! lit up: PD2.0, PD3.0, PPS, QC3.0, BC1.2, and other public protocols, and also supports USB PD3.0 105 W. The PPS charging scheme is also supported. The advantage of the PPS fast charging scheme is that it integrates the current high-voltage low-current and low-voltage high-current schemes. Compared with the fixed-gear charging scheme, it is more flexible. At present, Xiaomi’s mobile phones mainly use PPS. fast charging protocol.

Moreover, the two USB C to C cables also have a built-in “E-Marker chip”! which is similar to the electronic identity label of the USB-C data cable. Through this chip, various attributes of the cable can be read, including power transmission. information such as capability! data transfer capability, video transfer capability, and ID. Based on this, the output terminals (such as charging heads, and notebooks) can adjust the matching voltage/current or audio and video signals! according to the devices connected to the output terminals (such as mobile phones or monitors ).


In conclusion, the AOHI Magcube 67W charger and the AOHI Magline Display Cable (100W) showcase a perfect blend of design and performance! catering to the modern user’s needs for fast charging and data transmission solutions.

The AOHI Magcube 67W charger boasts a visually appealing design with high-quality materials! thoughtful details, and a folding prong design for portability. It supports a wide range of charging protocols, offering versatility and compatibility with various devices. The dual-port functionality ensures efficient charging for multiple devices simultaneously! making it an excellent choice for users seeking both style and substance in a charger.

The AOHI Magline Display Cable impresses with its sleek appearance! durable construction, and the inclusion of a cable tie for easy organization. It features Aramid fiber for resilience and consistent plug ends for a reliable connection. The built-in “E-Marker chip” enhances functionality, allowing devices to adjust voltage, current, or audio/video signals based on connected devices.

Overall, both the AOHI Magcube 67W charger and the AOHI Magline Display Cable offer premium performance and design! elevating your charging and data transmission experience. These products are a testament to AOHI’s commitment to delivering innovative and user-friendly solutions for the modern tech enthusiast.

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