Meross Aroma Diffuser Review: Moisture to Your Home

The Meross Aroma Diffuser serves as an effective means to add moisture to the air in your surroundings. For those seeking an enhanced experience, the option to infuse the air with delightful natural aromas is also available. The product has two appealing variants: a rich “Dark Wooden Grain” and a refreshing “Light Wooden Grain.” The aesthetic of the Light Wooden Grain variant is more attractive. Moreover, the packaging proudly showcases a collection of logos that signify the humidifier’s seamless integration with popular smart home platforms such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung SmartThings.

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Looking at the delivery package initially might not reveal anything unusual. The Aroma Diffuser comprises two main components: a lower section featuring a detachable tank (though unfortunately not removable in this case), and an upper area that serves both as a lid and a means for the fragrant vapor to escape precisely. Additionally, you’ll find a power adapter complete with an integrated cord, a measuring cup, and the customary documentation. Notably, the essential oil required to enhance the water’s aroma and disperse a delightful scent must be included.

Regarding aesthetics, the aroma diffuser in the warm hues of wood, measuring 17.3 x 17.1 x 16.7 cm, is undoubtedly a sight to behold. It boasts an integrated LED ring that adds to its visual allure in the dark and introduces a splash of color to the escaping vapor. The build quality also stands out as impressive. However, one recurring issue I’ve encountered is difficulty securely attaching the lid to the base. When transporting the diffuser, it’s a point to consider; a firm grasp on the bottom is needed, lest you hold just the lid.

Capacity of 400 ml

The water reservoir of the Meross Aroma Diffuser has a substantial capacity of 400 ml. When the tank is complete, a mere few drops of essential oil are sufficient to diffuse a delightful fragrance. In terms of runtime, a full reservoir can last for a commendable 14 hours of operation. As a side note, the aroma diffuser does produce some sounds while in use, ranging from around 25 to 30 dB, which you can easily overlook as they aren’t particularly bothersome.

How to Use it

To get started with the Meross Aroma Diffuser, the initial step involves filling it with water. Meross has conveniently provided a small measuring cup along with the package to assist you in adding up to 400ml, which is the maximum capacity. Keep in mind that after 3-5 days, you should replace the water. Likewise, if you add a new aroma oil or expect not to use the oil diffuser for an extended period, you should completely empty and clean it. Always obey the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure to drain the water from the unit’s designated outlet.


Easily incorporate the Meross Aroma Diffuser into your setup using the Home app on your iPhone or iPad. Just scan the code, wait briefly, and you’re all set. Additionally, there’s the humidifier function and an extra option for the LED ring. The color ring’s quality is acceptable, though the illumination falls slightly short of excellence, and the color display is decent considering the product’s budget-oriented nature. This level of performance is more than satisfactory for its product category.

You also have the option to utilize the Meross app, or you can opt for compatibility with Alexa or Google Assistant. You can use the Meross or Home applications for the initial setup process. The 2.4 GHz WiFi network establishes the connection, culminating in scanning the HomeKit code at the device’s base. This involves naming the diffuser and assigning it to a specific room.

Once the setup is complete, you can access two distinct devices within the Home app. Firstly, there’s the primary diffuser, which allows you to toggle it on or off and adjust the smoke emission intensity as a percentage, although it automatically turns off when it goes below 50%. On the other hand, the LED ring can be activated or deactivated, with the option to select different colors. Notably, the Meross app provides similar functionalities, albeit with the limitation of selecting from just two strengths for the smoke emission. Additionally, the Meross app offers the feature to alter the LED ring’s color and facilitate the installation of firmware updates.

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Meross Aroma Diffuser Verdict

It functions as intended and consistently. The built-in water tank that is always in place and the loosely attached cover might present some challenges, especially during cleaning, which Meross recommends every 3 to 5 days. This process requires you to unplug the device and occasionally take it to the sink. It is beautiful to look at, has a sufficiently large container from my point of view, and fits nicely into the environment without looking like an onion body. The LED ring gives the device the coolness of being more than just a room humidifier.

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